French Lockdown Starts To Ease After The Second Wave Goes Off

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Image Credit – BBC


France is going lenient over the strict rules of Coronavirus restrictions by this weekend. Eventually, some small non-essential stores will be re-opened under the order of President Emmanuel Macron.

President Emmanuel Macron said that people can safely try to rejoice this year’s Christmas under the mistletoe. They are allowed to spend some happy moments on the arrival of Christmas.

Considering safety to be the prime aim at the moment, Mr. Macron declared that all the bars and restaurants would be close until 20 January, until the peak of infection passes from the air of France.

There has been a rise in the COVID-positive cases as France has dealt with more than 2.2 million cases and more than 50,000 confirmed death cases during the pandemic.

Mr. Macron recently told an interview that was aired on television that the lockdowns were successful because there was no new news of proliferation. He announced that the country overcame the passing second wave which could be fatal. The second wave of infection was successfully subdued.

On Tuesday, he addressed his speech on television telling his citizens that the chains of lockdowns would soon be erased. As the festive season is within arm’s reach, several rules will be eased from 15 December. After several months of halt, cinemas are going to reopen. All the general restrictions on traveling will be forbearing. All that can happen if the number of new infections won’t exceed 5000 per day.

France reported less than 4500 COVID-positive cases on Monday. It has been recorded as the lowest rate of spread since the pandemic hit them in the gut, September 28.

The average rate of infection in France during the second wave approaching reached 21,918. The initial week of November was the most crucial time for the French people because the number rose to 54,440 in a week.

The French president is looking forward to the results of the trials of the vaccine. He finds “a glimmer of hope” for France as vaccination will begin at the end of December for the sake of the world.

He stated that the life of elderly people is still in danger as the process of vaccination might take longer to begin than expected.

He also mentioned that everything else such as schools, bars, and restaurants might open again after January 20, 2021, only if the rate of infection remains low. Universities may reopen for new sessions and accept students formally.

If the third wave approaches with a serious expansion of infection in France, things will be very different.

Mr. Macron said, “We must do everything to avoid the third wave, do everything to avoid a third lockdown.”

He kept updating the lockdown rules on Twitter saying all businesses will be paused during the strict phase. Places like restaurants, bars, sports halls will remain closed and they will be granted up to €10,000 (£8,900) from a “solidarity fund” or the payment of 20% of their turnover.