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(Spin Digit Editorial):- New Delhi, Nov 25, 2020 ( – First Kiss; a brand new song in the voice of “Yo Yo Honey Singh” & “Ipsitaa” Presented by Gulshan Kumar and T-Series is the most popular video song as it led on the YouTube platform with more than 1cr views, according to the report of CheckBrand.


Checkbrand makes an analytical report by using its Artificial Intelligence tool to find out the newest trending news, searches, videos, Twitter trends, social media trends, top gainers or losers, top tweeting cities, top influencers, and much more.

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Yo Yo Honey Singh’s this new track First Kiss, is on the top of Checkbrand Trending Searches YouTube category section. The music of the new song is given by Yo Yo Honey Singh while lyrics are penned by Yo Yo Honey Singh, Lil Golu, Singhsta and Hommie Dilliwala while the video is directed by Director Gifty. This song on YouTube has around 18483664 views and almost 1.2 Million likes with more than I lacs Comments according to the Checkbrand trend report. While the Shona Shona by Neha Kakar is at 2nd position with 4329449 views and 604890 likes.


Checkbrand is basically the only reliable platform to track digital ranking, latest trending News, Social Media trends, viral videos, trending hashtags, and much more in India and globally. It has various sub-categories to find out the latest trends.


According to its latest Trending Google Searches, the most searched trendy sports of today is the Football match champion league held between Dynamo Kyiv and Barcelona with 200k plus reach than the match of India vs. Australia which is on 5th position with 100k plus searches.


Similarly, in the category of finding the top gainers and top losers in India and globally than the number one position is led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a 69% total reach score gained from all social media platforms, news, and google. Whereas in losers the top trending position is held by the Nike brand with a 30% score rate.


In the category of the Trending News Searches in India and globally, today’s checkbrand analytical report shows that the number one news is about SpaceX that launched Falcon 9 putting the 6th batch of Starlink satellites into orbit – TechGenyz which is highly searched and broadcasted on all digital platforms.


Checkbrand Trending Searches Viral Video category contains various videos based on the sub-categories of satire, serious, motivational, inspiring, YouTube videos, etc. to entertain and amuse the people with the purpose to let them know which one is more trending on social media and other digital platforms. Its today’s top-rated trending video is related marketing news that is basically Jain Irrigation and Restructuring Plan video with maximum views and impressions on YouTube. Trending Searches Reddit category section has the number one news story about a kid who just survived from cancer disease as he has just finished his Chemotherapy Treatment successfully. This story has got more than 146k views and around 2065 comments which is amazing as compared to other posts of Reddit platform.  


According to its Twitter Trending Searches based on finding the active trending Twitter users, PMO India holds the first position on the chart followed by BJP India, Narendra Modi, and Amit Shah with fewer tweets. While the top trending hashtags in India and globally is #”__ followed by #COVID19 in 4th position of the report. Likewise, the trendy country is Japan and the trendy city is New Delhi.


Checkbrand Trending Searches Wiki today’s analytical report shows that the Donald Trump led the board with 6,387,834 views while Margaret Thatcher is at second number with around 2,929,180 and Diana, Princess of Wales is at 3rd rank with 2,839,941 views.


Checkbrand, an online sentiment analysis company, analyzed online sentiment for top 95 political leaders as well as top 500 influencers on social media between October and November this year. It analyzed more than 100 million online impressions for the maiden edition of the report. For the report, 86,400 ‘Trends’ — which refers to the top 20 topics driving the highest engagement in a day on various digital platforms — were analyzed. All the brands have been scored on the basics of this formula — followers (20), trends (10), sentiment (30), engagement (20) and mentions (20).


While highlighting its trend section value, Mr. Anuj Sayal the Managing Director of Checkbrand. Online said that; “Brand value to highlight the latest trends in each category is being calculated on the basis of followers, engagement and latest happenings with maximum search measurements and then negative mentions, sentiments, and other unnecessary data is being deducted to calculate the average results. We use a tool to help brands or businesses to help them understand their market worth and make improvements for future progress”., the first-of-its-kind portal in India to measure the digital effectiveness and impact of brands on social media. It provides the Digital Ranking, Social media Ranking, Share of Voice, Sentiment Analysis, Brand Value, Brand Reach, Competition Analysis with Media Monitoring across the social media accounts of brands, personalities and politicians across the country and globally- source


Everyday updates its website trend section with latest trending news, stories, personalities, tweets, hashtags, brands, and viral videos by compiling data from all digital platforms. Watching these trends daily gives an understanding to brands and businesses about what they should do to rank themselves in their respective categories and how they can improve their performance for future development. Checkbrand latest trend analytical report also highlights negative comments, and bad impressions too to help brands understand where they are lacking in their working structure. Not only this, checkbrand itself also gives suggestions and marketing strategies to brands to re-plan their working environment and performance.  


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