From Dancer, Author to an Affluent Creator, Helia Jalilnezha Marks Her Positive Presence in The World of Leaders of Yout

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Toronto, Nov 23, 2020 ( – Born in the city of Tabriz, in the year of 2000; dancer, author and content creator Helia Jalilnezha, has made a breakthrough unlike any!

A young achiever, passionate about her craft as a professional dancer and author, Helia Jalilnezha makes her mark as a positive influence over every field!

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It all started at the age of six, as Helia had won her first competition while discovering her talents and passion in dance, through the same!

It was only in school, grade two, that Helia’s teachers unleashed her inner writer in full swing by encouraging her talents in storytelling and poetry, so much so, that the professional dancer soon published her two polished books called ‘the Heart Of God’ & ‘I Am Not Alone’, at 11 years and 17 years of age, respectively!

From becoming a famous figure in dance, post her many performances in Dubai as a professional dancer and receiving city-wide recognition, accolades for the same, to becoming a social media presence that makes a difference, Helia Jalilnezha is a true inspiration for the youth of today.

The real breakthrough came when Helia first moved to Toronto in 2018, she had made quite the entrance, winning various dance competitions, starting her modelling career while, also appearing in various fashion shows.

Her talents have shined out in every form, indeed. From being a cover model in more than 10 magazines, she has won different competitions and Khordadian dance competitions in Canada, Georgia and Turkey. Going as far as achieving the crown of Miss Teen Iran in 2018 and Miss Environment Canada 2019.

Through her many, many interviews on various portals, magazines and otherwise, Helia Jalilnezha has spread the message of positivity in mind, soul and body. The 20 years old girl has put forth her mind into making the masses learn to love nature, environment and overcome their biggest hurdles with the power of positivity.

Well, furthermore her brand, image and viral content creation ability has definitely helped her through the ideals, as today, she boasts a support of more than 750,000 followers on her social media accounts, giving her a wide influential platform!

A true-blue inspiration and motivational figure in today’s generation, Helia Jalilnezha, are the kind of people who shall lead our future into a bright era!

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