Justin Bieber And Shawn Mendes Collaborate In The Latest Music Video For The Song ‘Monster’




Image Credit – Hollywood Life


The music world is at its pinnacle of excitement as fellow Canadians Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber have finally shared the studio for a song. A few years ago, this was thought impossible for everyone. It is because, Justin, 26 is married to Hailey Bieber, previously Hailey Baldwin who is incidentally Shawn’s ex. The most unexpected took a turn on 20th November when 22-year-old Shawn released new music content before his new album, Wonder. Shawn and Justin collaborated on one of the tracks from the album called ‘Monster’ and the whole world is losing their calm over this.

The song is symbolic for both artists as it sends out a message about the various personal trials and turbulences that come alongside their status as musicians or celebrities. Justin has admitted to making bad decisions and his fair share of depressions since his shot to stardom at a very young age. The song brings out both artists’ emotional side and motivates everyone to stand for themselves. There is also a live stream of the two collaborating artists that was published before the song’s release.

The speculation of such a collaboration came into existence back in August when Justin and Hailey were spotted at Shawn’s home studio. Although Shawn and Hailey had a history, both personal and public, there were no fences between this creative blend. They both respect each other’s creative space and this song only go on to prove that they have grown in their personal lives. Journalists and fans had speculated a union between Shawn and Justin. Shawn has always acknowledged Justin as an artist even in interviews but never had a concrete answer about a future collaboration. He also said that they grew closer over the past six months and that Justin is a real mentor to him.

Many people had speculated some sort of rivalry between the two artists. People pointed out that Justin might have shaded Shawn in the song ‘No Brainer’. However, busting all myths, the two came together for the song and presented another creative grandeur.