Author Mark Alan recently released his latest literary work, COVID-18: A Novella

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- San Francisco, Nov 17, 2020 ( – Author Mark Alan recently released his latest literary work, COVID-18: A Novella. Alan was inspired to write as a way of processing the pandemic and giving hope to others during quarantine. His work highlights the importance of beauty in an otherwise bleak world. Beauty is more than just superficial; it is the heart of invention, passion, and perseverance.

COVID-18 follows two nameless protagonists as they attempt to navigate the new world created in the aftermath of the pandemic. By 2022, the virus has reached new heights, driving survivors into further isolation. Yet in the midst of global upset and loss, a man and a woman manage to find a new normal worth living for. When the couple discovers that they might hold the secret to an unexpected cure, they realize that love may truly conquer all.

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Readers with a broad range of tastes will appreciate the timeliness of Alan’s breakout novella. With themes that are highly relevant to today’s trying times, COVID-18 is a candid glimpse into the strength of humankind. Reviewers praise Alan’s storytelling and describe COVID-18 as “steamy” with “a great depiction of characters.” Fans of fast-paced fiction will enjoy Alan’s unique descriptive style in this unforgettable romantic sci-fi.

Alan credits his mother for helping him develop the work ethic needed to craft such an insightful and harrowing novella. Instead of shying away from tough topics in COVID-18, Alan tackles both social and emotional turmoil with grace. He often consults friends while drafting to reconnect with his fellow humans and help imbue his writing with a genuineness that shines through in his characterization of the two protagonists. Alan hopes that COVID-18 will encourage readers to assess their own experiences and evaluate what is truly important to their lives.

Mark Alan is a proud author, athlete, and father. He graduated from college with a degree in ancient civilization and communication before going on to handle national advertising campaigns. After leaving the firm, Alan started his clothing line Buck Streetwear ( and began consulting. He currently lives and writes in Seattle.

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