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No Matter the Election Results, Trump to Stay

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Corinth, Nov 5, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – Amazing Things The Church, Dr. Steven DavidSon. As a non-scalable wall is erected around the world’s most powerful house, Dr Steven DavidSon saw this occurring more than four years ago.  “I’m not surprised at all, and the thesis information should be provided to the public for consideration just as information is provided for any emergency situation.” Remarked Dr Steven DavidSon, the nation’s Christ-based Leader.

Well before Trump revealed he would not agree to a smooth transition of power, DavidSon had already predicted and documented four years prior, Trump would not be leaving office based on information political analysts either do not know or fail to acknowledge.

He continues, “It is now recorded history that the political power-group, and off-spring of the Moral Majority, called politically, White-Evangelicals were key to Trump’s rise. They established an Evangelical Advisory Counsel that supplanted the White House Faith-based Office established by the Bush Administration and continued by the Obama Administration. The Faith-based Office was ecumenical with different faiths.

They along with millions of Evangelical followers befuddle many concerning how they could align themselves with Trump who Christianity Today described as ‘grossly immoral.’  They do so where two-thousand years ago, Biblical documentation present a future event where religious masses ‘open the door’ to a governing authority so lawless, he’s co-labeled Man of Lawlessness and Son of Destruction. Because of his conduct, Trump appears to be facing some significant civil and criminal matters when he departs the White House.”

DavidSon has defined their condition as Apostate-Evangelicalism. DavidSon’s thesis, ‘Emergence of the Beast and Beast System’ is based on Biblical reference connected with contemporary events as evidence. He readily uses the term ‘too much evidence to be coincidental, too much detail to be broad generalization.’ Like an attorney he presents a factual case as if to convince a jury or judge beyond reasonable doubt.  “Yes, there is so much more evidence than presented here.”

DavidSon uses the 2016 election as an example. “Trump entered the campaign behind in the polls, favorability too low with relatively few predicting he could win. Regardless of an unpopular opponent, it was not so with DavidSon. “It is a matter of record that Trump had an astonishing win with such low ratings (approval and polls), lost the  popular vote, and the first polls in January 2017 revealed a sub-forties approval rating.”  DavidSon’s thesis gives the same conclusion in 2020 where Trump is even further behind in the polls. 

“Regardless of what happened in 2016, Trump did and continues to fit the thesis so well, I was very clear on our preferred social media platform, he could and would win. And for no other reason than the thesis that he was not leaving office. As Trump barricades himself before the election (2020) results, the thesis is clear, we all need to prepare ourselves for a much different nation and world.” DavidSon says with new events happening regularly, more than a few million people are aware or have seen some aspect of his thesis over the last four years. 

DavidSon’s Research can be found at FCGLiterature.info including what he calls the Saint’s Survival Starter Kit. The Survival Starter Kit is a PowerPoint presentation beginning with a graphic slide on the thesis along with other resources. Note:  As of 11/4/20, 8:30am CT Biden is slightly ahead, and the popular vote is above anything the polls or anecdotal findings revealed for Trump. DavidSon’s thesis is more reliable than both (i.e., polling and anecdotal). 

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DavidSon’s an author, developer of the Christ-based Counseling modality, and pioneer in web-based ministry since the mid-1990s. The Christ-based Ministry enterprise of twenty-two web sites, features non-apostate Christ-based Counseling and Education. Amazing Things The Church is the heart of the work for nearly thirty years with daily live programming on social media. DavidSon also served the nation bi-vocationally in the military (working in the intelligence field), and as a civilian for more than forty years. He was distinguished for his outstanding contributions by President Ronald Reagan, and Agency leaders during the period as a civilian employee.  He’s also presently Executive Pastor of the New Beginnings Church in Lewisville, Texas (SBC) with Joseph Fields, Senior Pastor.  Fields has also been vocal about the partisan political-evangelicals. He served previously as an executive-level official with the General Baptist Convention of Texas (BGCT), an auxiliary of the Southern Baptist Convention. 


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