Private Security Guards Called On To Protect Property During Civil Unrest

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As the election nears, stores and offices are preparing for possible civil unrest and protests.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Northridge, Nov 2, 2020 ( – As the election nears, stores and offices are preparing for possible civil unrest and protests. Stores are boarding up their windows and doors to protect from damage and looting. Police cannot be everywhere so business owners are turning to private security guards to defend their property, says Access Control Security (ACS), a security guard company serving California and Arizona.

“There is a lot of unease as to what could happen on election day and beyond,” says Reza Jalala, ACS director of security and operations. “In recent months, businesses have suffered tremendously. Property has been destroyed, looted and vandalized. While hoping for calm, many business owners are wisely preparing for the worst and are hiring security guards to deter criminals from coming onto their property.”

Security guard companies such as ACS have always protected stores and businesses from criminal behavior. “As part of their training, ACS guards understand how to defuse volatile situations,” says Jalala. “We’ve seen that groups of unruly individuals typically won’t attempt to enter a business if it is being professionally guarded. They seek easy entry without resistance.”

 ACS has over 25 years of experience protecting property and people. It maintains $10 million in liability coverage and has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

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