Donte Pitchford launches his stunning novel titled ‘Cain and Abel’

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- San Francisco, Oct 29, 2020 ( – Accomplished author Donte Pitchford recently released his first book, titled ‘Cain and Abel: Woman thou art Eve’, as part of a trilogy. Cain and Abel is a book based on a never-before-told, but factual, origin story of Adam and Eve and the Serpent Enchanter, and the origin of every human on the planet. This book entails over 15 years of research, looking into history, religion and also personal developmental resolve. From the oldest canon Ancient writings about Cain and Abel and how they were twins but also half-brothers. Pitchford challenges his readers: “We all have the same moving parts of good and bad so where do they come from? How do I open up communication between my good and bad side, give yourself an open dialogue and what is our true history as humans and how does it make every human one with each other?”

Pitchford decided to make full use of his time indoors due to the pandemic. Using his additional time, he took to writing to express his thoughts and wisdom for a larger audience. The inspiration for his book came from a genuine desire to reflect and improve, wanting to know how the good and bad parts in him work. Pitchford adds: “Fundamentally, most people start off the same. At birth, a baby is innocent and knows nothing. Yet as two people move through life, their paths can be completely different.”

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Through his writing, Pitchford hopes to bring people from all walks of life together regardless of race or religion.

By the end of this book, the author hopes that it will set the reader on a path of learning and giving. “A brand new perspective and re-discovering your own personal belief system will help you discover the factors pulling you down as well as the factors propelling you ahead”, added Pitchford. Everyone has different questions about life itself and Pitchford hopes to answer some of life’s questions. For readers looking to master the relationships in their life, this book will be useful in helping them master their relationship with themselves first.

Donte Pitchford has spent the better part of his life serving and helping others as a humanitarian. Through his book, he wants to share a message and start a humanitarian movement. Interested readers can visit to learn more about the author, purchase his book or join his online life course classes.

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