New online calculator helps consumers track down best value deals just in time for Black Friday sales

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The calculator, part of the Good Calculators Project, helps shoppers track down the best deals from both offline and online retailers.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Kenosha, Oct 27, 2020 ( – With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner, a new online calculator has been created to help consumers decide between online retailers and instore purchases.

The annual events offer discounted products in beauty, electronics and homewares, but many customers are missing out on the best deals as they fail to take into account delivery charges or mileage costs when making purchases.

Author and developer John Sanders has created an easy to use calculator that gives consumers the opportunity to include delivery and collection costs plus taxes in several currencies to see if online or in-store purchases will offer the best value for money.

Free to use, the Shopping Online Vs Shopping In-Store Calculator allows users to input discount percentages, delivery and shipping charges and round-trip mileage costs to make sure that bargain hunters secure the best deals.

It also offers users a variety of currencies to choose from so that overseas purchases can be calculated to see if there are better savings to be made from international sellers.

In the UK, sales made during the Black Friday 2019 event rose by 16.5% on the previous year, with £1 in every £3 being spent by online shoppers.

In the U.S alone, Cyber Monday sales totalled just over $9.4 billion which outpaced Black Friday’s total sales of $7.4 billion.

With the COVID-19 pandemic causing a significant rise in online shopping, figures for the two 2020 discount shopping events are predicted to rise further still, but customers are being urged to do their homework in advance to ensure that they are receiving the best deal.

Many retailers that offer in-store click and collect services have significant savings to offer, but many people fail to factor in the costs of picking up their purchases that can result in false savings overall.

Therefore, software developer John Sanders wants shoppers to take advantage of his free online calculator to ensure that they secure the best deal when seeking out Black Friday and Cyber Monday savings.

Author and developer John Sanders said, “Many retailers automatically assume that customers will order products online thinking that they are getting the best deal, but this isn’t always the case.

That’s why I’ve created the Shopping Online Vs Shopping In-Store Calculator to even up the playing field and to allow consumers the insight they need to make an informed choice on whether to opt for collection or delivery to make the best savings.”

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The Shopping Online Vs Shopping In-Store Calculator has been created by author and software developer John Sanders to help shoppers track down the best deals from both online and offline retailers by taking into account shipping charges and collection mileage.

Easy to use and available online, the calculator also offers four currencies, sales tax percentages and discounts to make tracking down the best deal easier than ever before.

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