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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Massachusetts, Oct 23, 2020 ( – TheOneSpy has found its way in spying on the latest iPhone and iPad devices. The development empowers the end-users to track the activities of target users using iPhone and iPad devices using the mobile app. The service is aimed at monitoring of kids and employees at the workplace. The officials considered it a milestone in the insights of spying and monitoring. 

TheOneSpy has come with the solution ( ) upon the trenchant demand of their clients, who were looking forward to the solution to meet their family and professional needs. TheOneSpy has expedited the R&D and come up with the desired solution.

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The corresponding app enables the end-users to track a bunch of activities on the target device. The service includes spying on call logs, SMS, iMessage, Device-Info, and Whatsapp, appointments, contacts, and installed apps on the iOS device.

The development has come just at the right time when Apple Inc. is just on the brink of launching the iPhone 12, so the provided service will be sought by the clients in a few days. TheOneSpy has turned the tables around by eyeing the launch of the iPhone 12 and advancing a step ahead of the competitors, and by furnishing their clients with unparalleled service. 

The service will be of prime time importance and will earn the end-user full insight into monitoring of the target device. The service will prove to be an enormous contribution towards easing the lives of parents and employers to keep a check on their respective target users. 

The app is extensively functional with all the features chipping in and available to install from the Apple store. The app is compatible with the range of iOS versions from 11.3 to 14.1 (iPhone 12), subject to jailbreak of device. 

About TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy constituted in Australia, is one of the leading corporations that provide solutions aiming at the monitoring of employees and kids. Their top-tier solutions include Android spying solution, computer/laptop spying solution, and now chipping in with iPhone/iPad spying solution. 

Disclaimer: TheOneSpy only encourages ethical usage of their service, which is aimed at monitoring of employees and kids, and for lawful purposes. One should abide by the state and local laws of spying and monitoring while using the service.

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