New Video Sharing App MadKix Has Patented Social Editing Feature That is a Game Changer in the World of Social Media

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Los Angeles, Oct 22, 2020 ( – MadKix, the new video-sharing app similar to TikTok, is working on bringing its patented Social Editing feature to the platform, which will allow users to interact online in a way they have never been able to before.

The exclusive Social Editing feature was developed to enhance the user experience within the platform by allowing all users to boost their creativity and interaction. Social Editing will allow users to modify each others’ video content in new and exciting ways never before seen on a platform, allowing for endless entertainment.

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While Social Editing stands to give users a unique experience, MadKix is aware of the potential pitfalls that a feature of this nature could bring about, such as cyberbullying. To combat this pervasive problem, MadKix’s team will consistently and constantly monitor posts.

To ensure that users’ privacy is respected and that any potential problems are monitored, MadKix is currently undergoing extensive beta testing. MadKix hopes that with the information studied and collected in this beta test phase, users will find an inclusive, creative experience free from bullying, trolls, and more.

“Social media should be a respectful space and we will closely monitor the beta testing phase of the app right now to establish that everyone has not only an entertaining but a comfortable experience using it once it is launched in the iOS and Android markets later this year,” says MadKix CEO Brian Zheng. “The safety and concerns of all of our users is our top priority right now and through the app’s lifetime.”

With rigorous community guidelines and monitoring, MadKix hopes to be able to ensure the safety of all users. “We do not endorse cyberbullying, but we do endorse entertainment,” says Zheng.

The MadKix closed beta test will last for the next 30 days, after which their team will closely analyze the data and make any changes necessary to ensure that MadKix is a fun and inclusive environment for all. Anyone can sign up to be part of the beta test cycle by visiting the MadKix website.

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