A Pillar to the Community Has Left Us But He’s Not Forgotten

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John T. (Bubba) Walker was a Veteran and Asset to Many People

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Jacksonville, Oct 16, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – John T. Walker aka Bubba was a ray of sunshine to the community. He was known for his joyful and helpful nature. In the time of era which I grew up in, I can remember where my grandmother would walk me to the bus stop in the morning, and greet me in the afternoon. When her arthritis would bother her, there was another grandparent who was there doing the exact same thing for their grandchildren. If my grandmother could not do it then one of the other grandparents would stand in her place. Can you imagine one man doing this for the entire community? Each and every morning, this gentleman would stand in front of his home and waive and speak to everyone leaving out of the community. He would waive with a smile telling them God Bless You and Have a Good Day! With our community being one way in and one way out. People flying in out ignoring the speed limit, Mr. Walker never stop being a protector. This veteran would stand at the bus stop with all of the kids. If the weather was bad outside, he would open his garage and allow the kids to stand in the garage, out of the rain until the bus arrived. The parents knew him and the kids loved him. When the school bus driver came, he would walk make sure the kids got on the bus in the morning, and off the bus in the afternoon.  

This pillar to the community also took the initiative to become the neighborhood watchmen. He would patrol the neighborhood. Our community is sad to learn this gentleman is no longer with us. Whenever he was not outside, the community could sense there was something wrong. Because he was consistently outside greeting and watching out for us every day. There is great morale to learn from this wonderful story about a veteran who stood and fought for our country under the United States Army. The moral is great men don’t stop being soldiers. He continued providing a service which nobody asked him to do. He’s considered a pillar to the community because he helped a lot of people who could have to go work in the morning. They could not sit at the bus stop with their kids. Having someone in the community who chose to serve by showing his dedication to the people in the community. He continued to do this after showing his dedication to serving his country. The Pickett’s Cove Community is truly honored to have someone has special his Mr. Walker.  We may have lost him, recently where he moved to his new home in heaven. But, his spirit lives on with us.

Not only was he veteran, where he served in the United States Army.

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