Students Analyzing Millions Reported Complaints to Evaluate Scam Predictability

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Scam and robo-calls are annoying and illegal. Leading university students will help analyzing Reverd’s database with more than 8 Million reported blacklisted phone numbers to determine scam patterns.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Vancouver, Oct 15, 2020 ( – is a global anti-scam system designed to automatically stop unwanted harassing scam and robo-calls. Users and businesses report new scam calls directly from their phones creating a large global user-built database. Reported scams are eliminated automatically reducing stress and annoyance.

The service helps in hindering unwanted harassing calls that cannot be stopped by the national Do-Not-Call list. At all submitted complaints are reviewed by a human admin. Typos and grammar are corrected as required. The location of the scam sending phone number is cross-checked for accuracy using multiple information sources. Access to Reverd blacklisted phone numbers database is available via easy to use API,

As per Vancouver branch CEO Stan Zhekov, “A point has been reached when the quantity of data collected needs to be analyzed and converted into a new quality of service leading to better scam protection. Therefore, in partnership with the University of British Columbia, a leading educational and research institution a new project is taking place. A group of talented students from the Faculty of Applied Science is starting the data analysis as we speak. Summary of the results will be published following the established protocol. We believe that findings from this analysis of reported blacklisted numbers data will also benefit and help the authorities and law enforcement agencies to fulfill their duties”. He also adds, “Reverd scam stopping system is different in a better way. The system eliminates scam calls automatically. In contrast to other popular call blocking applications when a scammer calls, no red and green buttons would show on your phone, thus you don’t need to move your attention to the phone, no action is required, for there is no sound or vibration and therefore no interruption. User-provided description of the reported scam may reveal the intention of a possible crime or fake claims and will help authorities, investigators, and prosecutors in their work, like this example: ‘Scammer claims to be from Humana. He is not’ – .”

During challenging times of the current pandemic, continues with its mission to protect phones from harassing spam phone calls. A thorough analysis of collected data could provide precious information on the frequency, location, and targets of scam operations. The data analysis will shed light on important parameters of phone scam operations. Thus, facilitating better, more efficient protection and even adding the element of predictability. Scammers target vulnerable groups of the community, like the following complaint: “Eligibility for student loans to be reduced or eliminated. Google shows many complaints about this number indicating it is a scam” where the scammer presents itself as a Student forgiveness center, This must be put to an end.

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