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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Bengaluru, Oct 15, 2020 ( – IFITech offers a compelling range of smart solutions for people getting back to regular business, workplace, educational and social environments as Government unlocks different sectors, step by step

As India enters a new phase of calibrated return to normality with Government’s Unlock 5.0 guidelines coming into effect, people are stepping out of the confines of their homes to physically attend office, travel within and outside their respective cities, districts and states, and also participate in social, cultural, religious and political congregations. Several state governments have also announced that school campuses may re-open for students to attend classes physically.

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While recognizing the imperative of getting back to a set routine, people across age-groups are also cognizant of the importance of taking maximum pre-cautions against any exposure to the Covid-19 virus that has spread its tentacles far and wide.

Against this backdrop, Home Safety & Smart Home DIY Solution brand IFITech ( has played a catalytic role in addressing the myriad needs of people who are returning to normal routines, with its array of smart gadgets.


Smart Distancing

At the early stage of the pandemic outbreak itself, IFITech had introduced effective solutions for disinfecting places, gadgets and equipment. Its ‘Smart Distancing‘ offerings include:

Handheld UV-C Light Wand Steriliser: The device is ideal for disinfecting materials and products that cannot be cleaned with soap or hand sanitiser, such as, mobile phones, electronic gadgets, currency notes, packages delivered at home, car dashboards, sofa, car seats, etc. It is compact and fits into a bag or purse, and hence easy to take it to the office, grocery story, or any other place. The device is a must-have kit when travelling to different places. The UV-C Steriliser Box is another useful utility item to be kept handy in these times when any material or gadget has passed through multiple hands.


Portable Rechargeable Mini UVC Sterilizer Lamp: The 360° UV-C light lamp is ideal for disinfecting homes, car interior, wardrobe, storage boxes, etc. The device can be plugged into a power source using a USB cable or runs on battery with 3-hour backup.


Contactless Utilities

Common areas like washrooms and handwash areas are places where the risk of any surface transmission of virus or bacteria is high. IFITech’s Touchless Rechargeable Automatic Soap Dispenser is ideal for use at restaurants, coffee bars, offices, schools, hotels, bar/counter top, washrooms, kitchens, etc. The infrared technology built into the dispenser detects hand movement and dispenses a set quantity of soap. Hence, it is touchless and protects the user from contacting any germs / virus / bacteria found on the device. The automatic soap dispenser can be recharged by connecting it to a power socket, and requires no battery to operate it.


Touchfree water taps & faucets: The infra-red sensor-based water faucet turns on upon detecting motion and turns off automatically within 0.1 seconds in the sensing range of 13″, thereby preventing any water wastage. The touchless faucet is ideal for use in the utility areas of office and home.


While people return to the workplace, entertainment hubs, gyms and other congregation points, it would be prudent for everyone to carry their own water bottles. The IFITech 500ml Water Bottle with LED Touch Screen Temperature Display is insulated to retain the temperature of the water inside, and the LED display shows the temperature. At a time when people are encouraged to consumer warm water at all times, this water bottle comes in handy when one is on the move.

GPS Tracking

As school campuses re-open and children get back to the physical classrooms, away from home, parents would be particularly concerned about their activities and whereabouts. Here, the SeTracker Kids Smart Watch is seen to be a useful monitoring and tracking gadget that enables real-time tracking (GPS + LBS Positioning Modes), two-way calls and SOS emergency calls, voice chat, electronic fence alarm (Geo-fence), etc. What’s most assuring for the parents is that they will be able to visually monitor their children’s whereabouts via the camera fitted on the smart watch. A micro SIM card can be inserted on the watch for capturing data. Pertinent to add that the smart watch is also useful for monitoring the well-being of Alzheimer patients.


Drive Easy

As more people take to the wheels, instead of opting for commute by public transport, owing to the pandemic situation, one gadget that comes in very handy is the compact Wireless Air Compressor Tyre Inflator that is powered by a 2000mAh Lithium battery. The maximum inflatable pressure is 120psi, which is suitable for inflating tyres of cars motorcycles and bicycles. The tyre inflator battery can be recharged by plugging into a 110v AC/DC adapter at home or a 12v cigarette lighter in the car. The inflator is ideal for topping the air pressure of up to 4 tyres. The device has an LCD pressure gauge display that gives the tyre pressure readings.


Innovation and problem solving are central to IFITech smart solutions, and the parent company IFIHomes is pro-actively exploring the application of new technologies for making life safer for people as they pursue their business, professional, educational and social activities with renewed energy.


Commenting on the company’s outlook, Rohit Khosla, CEO, IFIHomes says: “Innovation is core to our solutions offerings, and we maintain a laser focus on continuously improving our products, such that they ensure the personal safety and comfort of our customers. The pandemic has induced us to go the extra mile to develop solutions that help people to return to the normal ways of living and working.”


IFITech enjoys high customer loyalty which the company attributes to the brand’s avowed adherence to high quality standards and responsive customer support. The company is gearing up to roll out a gamut of solutions that positively touch people’s lives in a myriad ways.


IFIHomes has been serving its customers for the last 6 years with over 300 products that make homes and offices smart and healthy places. The company has been partnering with innovators and labs across the globe to bring innovations to customers. Notably, IFIHomes acquires one new customer every 4 minutes, and touched a wide cross-section of homes across the country.


IFIHomes products are also available on and under the brand names IFITech and SeTracker. To reach out to a large customer base across all regions and industries, IFIHomes seeks channel & business partners (write to: [email protected]).


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