Once Upon A Brick Makes Land Ownership Affordable

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● Once Upon A Brick helps people buy their own piece of land
● Land can be purchased up-front or in affordable monthly payments
● Visit onceuponabrick.com for more information and to view properties

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Aurora, Oct 15, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – Once Upon A Brick is a land investment company that is helping people everywhere achieve their dreams of land ownership. Once Upon A Brick uses direct seller financing, which eliminates the fees, interest rates, and other hassles of buying land through a bank or another third-party seller. Properties start for as low as $39 per month, which makes investing in the land a reasonable option for just about any budget.

Here’s how it works: Interested buyers can view available properties by visiting their website at onceuponabrick.com or calling/texting 310-562-1744. When they find a piece of land they would like to own, they have two purchasing options. Customers can purchase the property upfront, or they can establish affordable monthly payments that allow them to pay for their land over time.

Once Upon A Brick owns all of their properties outright. Because of this, they can give their customers a number of key advantages. There is no charge for interest on land purchased through the monthly payment plan, and because the company retains ownership until the land is purchased in full, there is no need for credit checks of any kind. It also eliminates the risk of serious long-term financial consequences if circumstances change and you can no longer make the required payments.

In addition, Once Upon A Brick also purchases land from owners looking to sell their property. If you’re looking to sell land you no longer need or want, Once Upon A Brick can make the selling process easy and painless.

There are roughly 2.4 billion acres of land in the United States alone, more than enough for everyone to own a piece. Once Upon A Brick can help you find and buy the land that is perfect for you.


About Once Upon A Brick: Once Upon A Brick was created by Peter Nukasani and his
team in order to make it easy and affordable for everyone to own and invest in land. For more
information about Once Upon A Brick, please visit their website at onceuponabrick.com or
call/text 310-562-1744.

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