The Super Awesome Science Show, Season 2 Is Here To Answer The Real Reason Behind The Pandemic

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Given the complicated scenario of the world in which we live in, where the count of coronavirus is significantly on the rise with the approach of the winter, it would be rather comforting to have a fixed source for all things pandemic and all things coronavirus.

The host of podcast Super Awesome Science Show, Enter Jason Tetro is here to lessen the burden and ease the mind.

As it happened that in Season 2 of the Weekly Curiouscast podcast, Tetro reportedly explored the science behind the pandemics with the help of some of the brightest minds in the field today.

Most popularly known as The Germ Guy, Tetro is an independent researcher in microbiology and immunology who has been lauded for his active winning in the field of science education, who has also been regularly contributing to the print and broadcast media. Moreover, as an author, he has published multiple books on human’s relationship with the microbes that includes his national bestseller The Germ Files.

Tetro stated that the show is about science that matters to everyone and it’s a fun way of learning something new and that he hopes that the people who do not normally listen to such science podcasts would now tune into it. He also said that he guarantees that the people would thereby find the topics both interesting and useful in their daily lives.

As the COVID-19 has overpowered everyone’s work life, home life, and almost every facet of everyone’s life, that also includes the vaccines to the potential airborne spread and the second wave of COVID-19. The show Super Awesome Science has in store all the answers to the burning pandemic questions.

Curiouscast which was launched back in 2018 is home to internationally recognized brands with diverse audio storytelling that also includes the No. 1 Canadian produced music podcast on the Apple podcasts, The Ongoing History of New Music, Canada’s first nationally broadcast original podcast, Nighttime, the weekly true-crime podcast named Dark Poutine, and Global News’ This Is Why.

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