99.99% Disinfection of Objects with the UV-C.

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UV Box ensures the safe, secure and sustainable usage of UV-C.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Pune, Oct 6, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – Lumos Technologies India is announcing its newly developed UV- Box and a System Conveyor from the 2nd week of November’ 2020. Recently it has developed a UV disinfectant machine for loose Currency notes, papers and everyday life objects. It has a conveyor system to sanitize multiple notes in 120 Secs. Lumos have started the manufacturing of these units.

Lumos Technologies India is registered as manufactures and supplies UV sterilizer chambers to apply across India. Lumos UV has the competency to disinfect any item such as mobile phones, laptops, keys, handbags, masks, hospital PPE, tools, and groceries, utensils, water bottles, other home appliances and accessories. Also is compatible with solid surfaces of plastic, metal, leather and fabric. It disinfects any surface in less than 5 minutes.

UV- C Box and a System Conveyor

UV-C Box and System conveyor developed is subjective to guarantee 99.99% of virus free objects. With the increasing grades in viruses a higher dose is given for which UV-C box is individualized from the others available in the market. UV Box aims to completely destroy and disinfect. Accordingly, instead of providing an average UV Dose of (67 J/m^2) it is supplied with a UV Dose of (241 J/m^2), so that all variations of the virus can be effectively destroyed. 

It uses UV-C radiations, a specific spectrum of Ultraviolet radiations generally recognized to destroy the DNA and RNA of living cells. UV-C radiation has the ability to disinfect air, water and nonporous surfaces.

UV-C is an effective disinfectant that can be used in various sectors to disinfect objects and hence reduce the potential risk of virus spread. While talking about humans, exposure to UV-C is fatal. It may cause vision impairment and even skin cancer. With the same concern, a UV box and a conveyor system is designed to break the exposure of the light and humans. The product is ensured with a safety switch to not to leak the radiation out into the atmosphere as well as the humans. It is based on precise calculation to destroy all strains ranging from the most harmful to the least harmful strains of viruses without leaving any.

SARS-Coronavirus or commonly known as Covid-19 cells are known to live on the surface for at least 8-9 days. Certainly, to know and destroy it from each and every object is not possible. Henceforth, all such unknowingly infected objects which are usually carried along with us (keys, wallets, bags, laptops, etc.) are a potential threat and may communicate to others we come in contact with.

The cycle time we provide consists of different grades of disinfection. These are:
1log – (90% disinfection)
2log – (99% disinfection)
3log – (99.9% disinfection)
4log – (99.99% disinfection) And We at Lumos provide 4 Log disinfection systems. 

LUMOS has started the pre-booking of the units. Buyers are free to contact on the contact number or through the URL. www.lumostechnologies.co.in/








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