Netherlands-based Music Artist Brings Neoclassical Music to his Global Fanbase

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Basil Babychan

Neoclassical Recording Artist, Basil Babychan, charted his own course in the international music landscape by bringing eclectic music to music aficionados near and far

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Amsterdam, Sep 24, 2020 ( – Basil Babychan is undeterred by the challenges that this Global pandemic has brought to musicians and creative artists across the globe. During a time when artists are losing jobs and aren’t booking new gigs – due to cancellations brought on by COVID-19 – Basil has discovered a newfound zeal for his love for music. The downtime during the early months of the quarantine gave him the opportunity to rekindle with this passion, which originated during his childhood.

Being fascinated by fairy tales played on audio cassettes at home, waking up to Christmas Carols, listening to and singing Malayalam gospel songs, enjoying the Goan Masala in his residential society are the earliest impressions that he retains from his childhood growing up in Mumbai. He believes that those childhood experiences have played a big role in his subsequent interest in and passion for music. “My mother exposed me to every opportunity that came our way by enrolling me as a participant in singing competitions, choirs and bands. After having enrolled in a few months of piano lessons, I gained a diploma in this art form from Trinity College London, at around the age of 12. Ironically, I failed the diploma in reading sheet music. This, to date, is the only ‘formal’ education I have in a music-related discipline”, said Basil.

Basil Babychan draws inspiration from a plethora of musicians. His major sources of inspiration are most notably from, classical greats {Mozart, Brahms}, storytelling compositions of the 70’s-90’s {Johnny Cash, Kenny Rogers}, alternative and classical styles of this century {Sting, Yanni, Zakir Hussain}, electronic dance music {Avicii, SHM} and those of contemporary cinematic composers {Hans Zimmer, A. R Rahman}. “In their own unique ways” he says, “each of these greats have touched and moved the listener.”

“With my music, I’m sharing a story, a message. This story is scripted with sounds, patterns, orchestrations, poems. Since my inspirations are diverse, once can expect my music to be a popular form of the traditional/conventional styles of any of these genres “continues Basil.

Basil made his debut with the single “Shadows Dance” in July this year. “Shadows Dance” depicts an emotional journey which most of us go through at some stage of our life. It is one wrought with challenges and obstacles. Initially, we resist and fight these experiences, to later realize that these experiences are manifestations of ourselves {Shadows}. This realization transforms the experiences from weakness to strength. The self is now resilient and seasoned to weather the journey ahead with confidence and conviction. “Shadows Dance” is a musical interpretation of this journey. “This piece is a tribute to the Survivors, a salute to the Winners and a source of inspiration to the Warriors” said Basil.

Basil’s debut album accidentally INCorporated, scheduled for release in winter this year, will feature a series of melodic short messages – messages influenced by life and inspired by orchestral sounds. Ultimately, Basil hopes to write scores for major motion picture films. Some of his favorite cinematic scores are from the movies Pirates of the Caribbean, the Dark Knight Trilogy and Titanic, to name a few.

The music industry was disrupted by the Coronavirus crisis, and many musicians found themselves at a lost; Basil, however, took this an opportunity to fine tune his artistry and to hone his craft. “Music has this innate ability to touch, move and heal. If my music can impact the listener at this level, I have achieved more than what I could have hoped for. I am in awe of this power and am conscious of this responsibility” expressed Basil in conclusion.

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