Alloffice.Space Offers A New Modern Office For Rent In Monterrey.

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The leasing firm opens in the Monterrey rental market, offering a modern office suited to withstand the new sanitary challenge.


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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Nuevo Leon, Sep 22, 2020 ( – AllOffice.Space offers a new modern office for rent in Monterrey. Facing the new challenges that affect the work environment, AllOffice.Space adapts their office with practical layouts, that allow workers to develop their activities by practicing physical-distance measures. Besides this, it provides administrative control tools to help their clients execute new policies and processes for a healthier workplace.

“Today our resolve to go hand in hand with costumers is stronger.” – said Chris Allen, Director of Sales & Marketing of AllOffice.Space. “We are here to support the Mexican workforce, and help them overcome the difficult challenges that now affect the work atmosphere.”

Given the efforts to reactivate the economy cautiously at Nuevo Leon, the numbers of contagion with COVID-19 had seen an increase according to the State Secretary of Health. This pandemic raises the alarms and exposes the vulnerability of the commercial and industrial sectors in every single part of their production process. The failure to control and manage sanitary issues, together with a lack of flexibility to restructure policies, and update processes, proves to be the biggest challenge to face these uncertain scenarios. This makes it urgent to seek the implementation of fresh and new ideas that helps develop adaptable workspaces and sharp policies to improve job conditions and thus protect both employees and businesses.

“It is good to know that there are businesses, willing to help their clients and provide them with the necessary tools to face this global challenge. We still need to earn an income, especially now” – said Señor Hernández, local family lawyer in Monterrey.

About AllOffice.Space

AllOffice.Space is a real state agency founded in 2012 by Chris Allen. The company grew to encompass small and medium-size office listings in every market across Canada and the US. And developed a way to find furnished offices with flexible lease terms, from many sources. Focusing on clients who seek small places to run their business.

AllOffice.Space it centers on a person to person customer services 24/7, allowing clients to get support when needed.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or enterprise client, the AllOffice.Space team seeks to support the business workforce to do their best from comfortable places around the world.

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