Released: Dermatologist Releases New Book from The Popular Instagram Segment, #DermaMythMonday.

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Dr Chesahna Kindred MD MBA FAAD

Board-Certified Dermatologist and Author Dr. Chesahna Kindred, Releases Her Book DermaMyth, from the popular social media segment Debunking Popular Myths of the Hair and Skin

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Baltimore, Sep 17, 2020 ( – Board Certified Dermatologist, and Global Traumatic Hair Loss Expert, Chesahna Kindred, owner of Kindred Hair & Skin Center in Columbia, MD, released her highly anticipated book, DermaMyth: Breaking the Cycle of Skincare Myths, earlier this month. The book is a spin-off from the Instagram segment, “#DermaMyth Monday’s” hosted live by Dr. Kindred. Each Monday, she debunks the most common and ridiculous myths she’s herd while practicing.

“This DermaMyth covers Neosporin (if you listen carefully, you will hear the collective sighs of my fellow dermatologists). Neosporin is a widely used antibiotic ointment that dermatologist generally do not recommend” -Chesahna Kindred, MD, MBA, FAAD

In the book, Dr. Kindred also highlights the difference in skin types, based on ethnicity and encourages patients to seek treatment from a Board-Certified Dermatologist. She tackles the misconceptions of dermatology and the common myths that could potentially be signs of underlining medical problems. Don’t worry about medical jargon, she intentionally made this book simple, easy for everyone to understand, and yet, mind-blowing.

The book is available at or

Dr. Kindred, also known as “The Hair-Guru” treats over 5000 patients, providing advanced dermatology treatments and groundbreaking solutions to traumatic hair loss. In addition to her practice, Dr. Kindred is also the Chair of the Dermatology Section at the National Medical Association, and the Founder of Onyx Medical Society. She’s contributed to numerous publications, features, and talks regarding the world of Dermatology.

DermaMyth Breaking the Cycle of Skincare Myths

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