Entrepreneurship programme set to help secure the future of start-ups in a COVID world

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Norwich, Sep 18, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – Entrepreneurship programme set to help secure the future of start-ups in a COVID world

University deferments, redundancies and economic crises have been a staple of 2020. In unprecedented times for the UK and the world beyond, many experienced professionals as well as talented would-be students find themselves facing uncertain futures. So where do we go from here?

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Training provider EduGrowth aims to address this uncertainty by encouraging the business owners of the future to close any skills gaps they may have and take the leap now, with the help of their specifically designed Level 3 Entrepreneurship Learning Programme.

“With the challenges of COVID has also come great opportunity,” states Managing Director, Joseph Jones. “There are many talented individuals who may have been considering starting their own business for many years, without the conviction to take the step whilst they were in a secure job with a bigger organisation, as well as or young, future talent whose plan was to put it off until they had been to university. Those men and women who have found themselves redundant or having to defer university entry could now be using these difficult times to their advantage and begin the start-ups they have always had in the back of their minds, but have been waiting for the right time to start. Turning the negatives of 2020 into positives is absolutely vital – and we want to help boost the economy and the talent in this country and beyond.”

EduGrowth’s key players have committed years to educating bright minds and also have first-hand experience owning and strategizing for their own and other businesses. Joseph himself is a former CEO of Ofqual-regulated Awarding Body ATHE Ltd based in Norwich and the EduGrowth Board hosts individuals who have held directorate positions in finance, law and education. The company is chaired by Dick Palmer, former Principal of City College Norwich, CEO of the TEN Group and current trustee of City & Guilds.

As well as initiating the Government’s E-Learning Strategy Unit in 2000, Dick was also the founding Principal of the Gazelle Colleges Group – a national group of innovative colleges which developed programmes to support young people start their own businesses. 

“We must turn 2020 into a success and encourage those who are considering taking the next step towards starting their own businesses to do so. EduGrowth is proud to be able to offer support to budding start-ups, offering innovative and flexible support – you choose when you want access to the skills and information you need to develop your particular business idea at a time to suit you. You will not only gain access to a fantastic range of materials to help you develop your skills, but on-going during and after-programme support that means you get rapid responses to your issues as they arise. We strongly believe in giving you the knowledge and confidence you need to make your ideas a success and I am proud to have played a part in the development of this initiative. I very much look forward to seeing the success this programme supports.”

The team would welcome the opportunity to speak with any aspiring entrepreneurs about how they can assist you and your start-up this year and beyond. In the first instance, an email to [email protected] will connect you with them and someone will be in touch to discuss the programme with you further.

About EduGrowth
EduGrowth was set up in 2020 by a team of like-minded individuals with extensive experience in education and business. Our mission is to improve the outcomes for entrepreneurs through a high-quality learning experience. Our comprehensive programmes of learning will teach everything needed to fulfil your potential and realise your dream of setting up a successful business. Your internationally recognised qualification will be achieved using the power of intuitive, practical learning. Experienced coaches will share their knowledge and experiences, making this a unique approach to learning.

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