Serbian Tech Firm Exeone To Redefine Urban Transportation With First Ever Personal Passenger Drone

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Exeone airONE is geared to take daily commutes to new heights with the upcoming first private passenger drone in the world.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Central Serbia, Sep 15, 2020 ( – The modern urban transportation scene is soon to experience a revolutionary change in daily commute. Serbian tech firm, Exeone, is all set to launch the FIRST ever personal passenger drone for urban and suburban transportation space. Titled “airONE”, the state-of-the-art vehicle has assured to make travel more convenient, faster, safer and more eco-friendly.

airONE is a light personal passenger drone aircraft equipped with advanced technologies like autonomous & manual flight facility with the collision detection system, obstacle avoidance as well as multiple redundancy levels to launch a more intelligent and more secure mode of transportation.

Per the statements of Ivan Isakovic, the founder of Exeone, their main focus behind the development of airONE was to create a secured vehicle which would be fully redundant to ensure optimum safety inside for passengers.

“Safety is a major concern when it comes to flying and we have perfectly addressed such woes with our fully redundant private passenger drone aircraft. Our drone is based on extensive planning as well as advanced software and hardware design which makes it safer than planes or other aircrafts. Our drone is also way safer than land-based transports like cars”, stated Isakovic.

“Over the years, we have been working on machine learning and AI algorithms development and looking for a way to implement our knowledge on a next-gen flying machine. We have also developed hardware parts, propellers, chassis etc. and hence the progression to a vehicle like airONE was a natural one.”

airONE is much lighter and smaller in comparison to traditional aircrafts like planes and helicopters and hence can easily land on or take off from a small space- such as the top of a building. Besides, unlike airplanes, airONE drones command more flexible maneuvering and smooth vertical landing.

“Our upcoming private passenger drone is designed to fly on any altitude (up to legally allowed limit). Moreover, as it is smaller and lighter compared to conventional aircrafts like planes, it can station itself or take off from limited spaces as small as the top of your building. All these factors leverage the potential of airONE as the future of urban and suburban transportation.”

Major features of Exeone airONE private passenger drone-

  • Multiple layers of security, including motor & battery redundancy, duplicates of computer controller, sensor, dual major onboard components and autopilot
  • Smart advanced collision detection and obstacle avoidance
  • Long range (up to 40minutes of flight) with a maximum speed of 80mph
  • Runs on 8 engines powered by 35KWh high power Lithium batteries
  • Low power consumption
  • Small and foldable design, easy to park in a small area

“airONE is comparatively more convenient and smarter than traditional vehicles and we are looking forward to its adoption as a private vehicle in near future. Moreover, it does not pollute the environment and hence will make a greener alternative to conventional commute.”


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