Nancy Pelosi Wants The San Francisco Hair Salon To Apologize For Her Set-Up Visit

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On Wednesday Nancy Pelosi who seems to be quite easily irritated, said that she takes full responsibility for trusting the word of a San Francisco hair salon when they said that it was perhaps okay to come in for a solo visit even though the city still does not allow any kind of indoor beauty services because of the prevailing corona virus pandemic situation.

However, the Democratic House Speaker called her Monday’s visit a set-up and also said that the salon owes her an apology for misrepresenting the city health orders.

Furthermore, Pelosi told the reporters on Wednesday that she takes responsibility for trusting the word of a neighborhood salon that she has been visiting over the years many times and it when they had said that they are being able to accommodate people with one person at a time and that they can set-up a particular time, she went ahead to trust their words. And, as it turns out that it was a set-up.

Pelosi admitted that she accepts the charges for falling prey to a set-up. An attorney for the man who happened to do her hair also confirmed that Pelosi appeared to have been set-up.

Matthew Soleimanpour stated that his client had reportedly received permission from the salon owner a day before fixing the appointment.

Soleimanpour further said in a statement that during that phone call the owner, Erica Kious had made several vitriolic and inflammable comments about speaker Pelosi.

The statement also disclosed that it seems that Ms. Kious is furthering a set-up of speaker Pelosi for her futile aspirations.

After Fox News Channel aired the surveillance footage from the salon, Pelosi is receiving fierce backlash. The video from the salon showed her walking through the salon with her hair wet and with a mask around her neck rather than on the face. In the clip, it shows that she is being followed by a masked stylist.

Critics including U.S. President Donald Trump stepped up to call her a hypocrite and questioned her on why she did not abide by the set corona virus-related rules in her home city.

Furthermore, Kious, the owner of ESalon SF in the city’s upscale Cow Hollow district told the Fox News that she rents chairs to the stylists and one of them had informed her in advance that Pelosi wanted a wash and a blow-dry. The California guidelines on salons differ by country but the strict San Francisco officials have not yet permitted the indoor salons to reopen.

Kious said that she considered Pelosi getting her hair ready as a slap in the face of the struggling business owners.

However, in a statement released by Soleimanpour, he said that the photographs and other information show that Kious had been performing the indoor services since at least April without wearing a mask and that she has also been encouraging and almost forcing the stylists to get back to work.

But Kious has chosen to remain tightly lipped to the repeated requests for comment from The Associated Press.

Any violators of the Health order can be punished by a fine, imprisonment, or both. But San Francisco has stressed education over enforcement and has been reluctant to penalize businesses and individuals.

On Wednesday, Pelosi said that she would not answer any more questions about the visit and at one point asked whether or not the reporters had any questions about the fact that people are dying, referring to the HEROES Act legislation, for which she called the news conference to address.

A reporter went ahead to ask her the reason for not wearing a mask in the brief clip. To which, Pelosi said that she just had her hair washed and that she doesn’t wear a mask while washing her hair. She further counter-questioned the reporter whether or not that person wears a mask while washing their hair. Pelosi said that she always has her mask on.