Britney Spears Engaged To Sam Asghari – Sources Suggest Both Are Deeply In Love

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Due to changes in the demeanor of Britney, many people have come out questioning, is Britney Spears engaged to Sam Asghari?Britney has been constantly sharing pictures and videos with her 24.6 million followers on Instagram and they have suddenly noticed that she has become more happy, cheerful, and even energetic in her recent posts. Fans have noticed this change and many have come up with theories. Some think that Britney and Sam have got engaged and are planning to live the rest of their lives as wife and husband. A source of OK! Magazine for their upcoming July 13, 2020, issue and stated the following when discussing one of Sam’s and Britney’s recent outings.

As per the source: ‘She had a real spring in her step and real positive energy. You could tell she’s lost that sadness and seems content — for the first time in a long while. For years she was tormented by online bullies and body shamers, but Britney’s in a really good place right now. The difference in her confidence and ability to cope with criticism these days — versus even just a few months ago —is dramatic, and everyone’s so pleased to see this new shift.’

The source also mentioned that Britney is pretty sensitive and used to take negative things people would say online to heart, but she is not doing it anymore now. Now that she has found love with Sam Asghari, she has found inner peace and can handle the online bullying in ways that she couldn’t before.

The source also said, ‘She used to break down sobbing over cruel online trolling and she’d freak out over every wrinkle or a small amount of cellulite. Now she’s embracing who she is and is truly content inside out.’

The star recently shared a video of her with flowers where she sashayed and posed after she had received a gorgeous bouquet of flowers with the caption: ‘HOLY HOLY CRAP!!!!!! My florist surprised me today by making the flower arrangement all different colors. I was so excited I threw on my favorite yellow shirt and just had to SHARE!!!!’

Britney and Sam are continuing to display their love through social media platform of Instagram and the fans are pretty happy to see the couple with each other. Sam has turned out to be a great supporting system for her and both of them are deeply in love.