The Obsidian Entertainment’s New Game Grounded Is Available In Its Demo Version On Steam

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Here is the review of the new demo of Grounded:You’re The Size Of An Ant In Obsidian’s Co-Op Crafting Survival Game. It is a new multiplayer game based on crafting and surviving difficult challenges. The Obsidian Entertainment has dropped the demo version on Steam for free and Xbox One users can play this too during the Summer Festival.

The game will keep all its attention on co-op play but the latest demo hints at some wonderful features that the players can look forward to for the best content. Though the thirty-minute demo is made for a solo player but the game will be a multilayered and multiplayer rollercoaster when it will be finally released on July 28th, 2020.

The onset of the game is less glorious and very simple. The player will turn into the size of a pea or an ant and then the trouble begins. You have to survive the malicious world of giant crawlers and humongous trees in your shrunken state. Does the plot sound familiar? Yes, the theme is taken from the story Honey I Shrunk The Kids from 1989.

When you are resized into a puny ant’s height, every spider, giant ants, and oversized bumblebees become the biggest threats in your way of surviving another day. To keep your existence in the game, you must play tactically and strategically with other players on your team. You can communicate and stockpile resources by discussing it with each other. Though the demo is shown to you as a journey of a solo player.

You should put your 100 percent concentration on Crafting because as far as the demo has shown, it will be the ultimate way to keep yourself alive in the spiteful world of big environments. From the demo, it is understood that the game can be controlled solo or with friends to accomplish levels. For the beginners, the good news is crafting is pretty simple to handle. But for the pro gamers, it may seem like a bummer to have less complicated crafting with such an interesting plot.

At first, the player has to build a base. As a small creature, it is necessary to protect your nest against huge and restless enemies. The more you get involved in the game, the more you will understand the importance of having an army of your own and maintaining an arsenal of weapons and resources.

One of the biggest resources of your survival can be the maps and they are quite expensive, even in the 30-minute video. There are different landscapes and features that will need different mechanisms to handle the attacks. It can be as scary as a watery mess from a hosepipe or cringy bed of spiders that looks like a Dark Souls boss battle.

The first impression of the game is amazing when it comes to graphics, music, and UI but there is still room for improvement. Sometimes the textures look rough and unpleasant. Though the quality of the sound is clear, the background music has the tendency of repetition, making it a generic tone. The UI is a bit difficult to understand that will affect to find your resources or handling the maps for your survival.

If it were a solo game, then Grounded is only about surviving amidst the over-sized beasts. You will feel at first like you step inside the world of Ark, or Rust. To win the battles with the endless scary enemies you should be encouraged to have your team in this journey.

If you love the games based on survival and crafting, then you cannot miss the free demo of Grounded on Steam. Fans can count on the respected studio, Obsidian Entertainment.