Nick Viall Opens Up About Getting Bothered About Body Shaming And Bashes The Commenters On His Instagram Posts

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No matter how perfect you look, you always end up with some harsh criticism on the internet from the haters who find something fishy about the social media posts. Recently, Nick Viall becomes its victim after a series of backlashing episodes on his Instagram page. When the water gets under the bridge, Nick Viall Responds To Body-Shamers on IG – Admits That He Was ‘Bothered’ By The Criticism.

The Bachelor alum of 39 years old, shared a bare body photo of himself last week that drove his 1.1 million IG followers. But some fans did not like the new shirtless pose on his social media and criticized over his body. They commented that he looks emaciated and sick. His Instagram comment box soon turned into the dumping ground of all the positive and negative statements for the post.

It was Tuesday when the IG followers of the heartthrob pounced on his posted picture and filled the section with body-shaming comments. He only posted a bare-chested snap that had a long caption about how words can play with other’s emotions. Then he said that he would never want to be the person who would constantly feel pressure about he looked in front one everyone. He was never a self-conscious man.

The recent picture he shared, was to show the world about how good he looked in that slender muscles. He liked the lean look it had and also shared his deep thoughts about how he felt good all these years for not worrying about his looks.

Though he thought he was in the best shape, some of the followers did not lose a chance to demean him for the new body. One of the commenters told her directly to gobble some steak and hamburger to fill his stomach.

But it was not only negativity that showered on him, thousands of other commenters appreciated his efforts and even commented ‘fantastic naked’ in the box.

The famous reality star was seen on The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise in 2016. The internet cracked when he and Vanessa Grimaldi separated back in 2017.