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Image Credits – Celebrity Insider

The restaurant chains of 2 Chainz have been under dilemmas for quite a few months now. Most of us already know that the coronavirus pandemic had cast a negative impact on the service industry, with almost the entire business staying shut down for months.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Chainz’s Escobar Restaurant and Tapas in Atlanta, Georgia was just one restaurant that was temporarily shut down. Eager to start everything all over again and get the business running, Chainz was one of the very first restaurants open up following the partial lockdown in George, which supposedly, landed him into trouble.

And, now, 2 Chainz’ restaurant of Georgia is under complete siege, but not due to the pandemic, it is due to its name. As per the reports of TMZ, 2 Chainz was sued by Pablo Escobar’s family for using his name and likeness for his Atlanta restaurant chain without their permission.

According to the reports of the outlet, the family of Escobar has sued the rapper for $10 million for violating federal laws by using the images of Pablo Escobar for selling meals. The family members of the fallen drug lord have also taken this issue into their strict hands as the rapper has been making a profit out of selling merchandise using the appearance of the Pablo Escobar as well.

According to a report of Hot New Hip Hop, Escobar Inc. has made claims of the presence of a painting inside the building along with a menu serving ‘Escobar Crab Cakes’. Pablo’s family has demanded $10 million in damages as well as an injunction in order to ensure that the rapper doesn’t use the name in the near future.

However, 2 Chainz hasn’t made any comment yet on this dispute, but one could be sure of the fact that he is not thrilled with the lawsuit. As per a previous report, 2 Chainz had to close its doors like all the other restaurants due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier this year, Hot New Hip Hop had reported that the rapper, after opening the doors of the restaurant, was ordered by the police to shut it down once again.

The publication house had reported that the restaurant of 2 Chainz was full of people and clearly there was no maintenance of social distancing demanded by the government.