Amanda Seyfried Opens Up About The Choosing Beautiful Moments Of Her Daughter For Posting Online

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Amanda Seyfried is a very popular public personality definitely but she also happens to be a mother. Having said that, she always felt the need to carefully select the moments of her young daughter always that can be posted on social media and did not post those that cannot be posted.

Off late, a statement came from the actress where she said how she picks and chooses from the best one. Amanda Seyfried Opens Up About How She Chooses What Moments Of Her Daughter To Post Online!

It was during one of her latest interviews with ET, it has been revealed by Seyfried that she had been part of quite a lot of hilarious moments with her husband Thomas Sadoski and also with their daughter Nina who is 3-year-old but went on to add that it has not been seen by the rest of the world.

The actress went on to say that she does not share the face of her daughter or anything for that matter. She allows her daughter to choose the proper time later in her life to do such things. But she says that she is feeling the pressing need to share the insane conversation that took place between her and her 3-year-old daughter. According to her, the closeness and proximity are very scary but at the same time, it makes for some funny stuff. She is in love with it and if there is a chance she wants to share some of it and she will probably go for it. She knows very well that her daughter wants to sing very badly and will not let her sing as the actress said all these about her daughter.

The actress also said that her daughter is very smart. She also said that she wants to find a way to negotiate all these as she feel s that being a singer she has to do this. She also said that whenever she sings and sees her daughter get out of the room as soon as she starts to sing gives her an even bigger complex that she already has.


In the same interview with the particular news outlet Zoom, her career was also discussed by the prominent actress along with all the things related to her family life.


First and foremost, the title of her latest horror movie ‘You Should Have Left’ is very much available on all major digital platforms on the 19th of June this year.


The audiences are quite aware of the fact that the character of Susana has been portrayed by her and have some big names in the list of co-stars like Kevin Bacon and Theo Conroy.


Her character in the movie along with that of Kevin is that of a couple who went on to rent a house that is rather secluded in the remotest of the countryside.


Quite naturally, the place where they went to stay turned out to be an eerie one as it had a very dark past.