The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon states that he suggested to remain silent during the emergence of the Blackface Sketch

Image Credits – Celebrity Insider

During the shoot a new episode of The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, the host started it off with a self-expressive monologue through which the man expressed his remorse. Jimmy Fallon says that he was encouraged to stay silent when blackface sketch emergedearlier in his career, almost twenty years ago.

A few days ago, a short clip of that performance went viral this past month, in which Fallon said sorry on his Twitter handle, stating against the advice he had purportedly received.

During one of his latest appearances on The Tonight Show, the host explained that witnessing the events going around in the United States at the current moment, he felt guilty of continuing with a regular show.

And, due to this very reason, Jimmy Fallon chose to express the importance of all the people like him protesting along with the black community, following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. This event started a protest across the entire globe in which people came out on the streets.

You can always visit the YouTube video to know about the details.

This is not the first time that Jimmy Fallon came out apologizing in front of the camera to the entire country. The last time it was done by him under the pressure of other people of the entertainment industry was when he tousled Donald Trump’s hair on-air when Donald was campaigning to be the president.

Fallon was criticized in the press for not pushing Donald Trump on the controversial issue, rather than supposedly ‘humanizing him’ and making him look like a good person. And, since then, Jimmy has repeatedly expressed regret for how he handled Donald Trump’s controversial appearance on the show.

Of course, Donald Trump went on to defeat Hillary Clinton in the presidential election of 2016 through the process of Electoral College, the United States institution that spreads power more evenly across the nation in the less populous states.

Earlier in 2020, Jamie Foxx had mentioned the ‘blackface’ controversy of Jimmy Fallon on social media platforms when he suggested that it wasn’t even doing ‘blackface’. Jamie Foxx defended Jimmy by stating that he was doing nothing but mocking Chris Rock and it was certainly not a sketch to mock the black people.