The reason for the death of the Twilight Star Gregory Boyce is out

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Image Credits – Daily Mail

Recently the news that the superstar Gregory Boyce passed away unexpectedly has generated morbid feelings in the air. Initially, the reason for death was not found. As days passed by and the investigation proceeded, Twilight Star Gregory Boyce’s Cause Of Death has been Revealed. It was reported by Page Six that the co-star in the famous movie series Twilight actually died from excessive intoxication from fentanyl and cocaine. The investigation took time to whirl out the truth but finally the reason came out. They posted this authoritative news added with the statement from the Clark County Coroner who sealed the case earlier this year.

The accident left everyone heavy-hearted when the two love birds, Gregory Boyce, and his girlfriend were found dead. The coroner was the one who examined the crime scene and tagged it to be an accident that they died together. When the police were reported to check the whole incident, they found the 30-year-old Twilight star dead along with his beautiful 27-year-old girlfriend, Natalie Adepoju deceased in their condo in Las Vegas earlier in May. He was at the peak of his career for the role he played in Twilight Saga. He had a daughter of 10 years that was not known to many people in the industry.

Natalie was a mother too and her son’s name was Egypt. Losing lives so early is something that leaves every one brokenhearted but this is not new in Hollywood. Logan Williams was one of the unfortunate youngsters who left us with many questions in early 2020. It was not long ago when The Flash actor passed away with the same story.

On 17th may, 2020, the rising star died from fentanyl intoxication and overdose. Marlyse Williams, after losing her son, sat for a brief conversation with the New York Post and explained that her son was going through an unnatural phase. He was in denial for most of the time because he was ashamed of the things that occurred in his life and pushed him into the lonely place where he depended on these drugs.

She tried everything to save him from sinking but she lost him in the end. Marlyse remembered her struggles with her son. Logan had a history with drugs and addiction for around three years. She sent him to the rehab based in British Columbia with the second mortgage on her house.

She kept every option open for his cure and put him in group homes as well. The death of Logan was a terrible sign of the future. Although she did everything she could but could not bring him back, she promised that his death wouldn’t be meaningless. This tragic accident might educate other young people of this generation about the dangers of drug abuse.

Logan Williams’ face is familiar to The Flash fan group. He started to act in big titles of the television such as Supernatural, The Whispers, The Flash, and When Calls The Heart when he was around 9 years old. The lead actor of The Flash, Grant Gustin commemorated him as well in an Instagram post for the loss where he mentioned him to be utterly professional and talented for his age.

The reality is even more horrible because Boyce and Williams are not the only ones who have lost their lives as a consequence of substance abuse. In the past three years, the entertainment industry has lost many incredible artists like Juice WRLD, Lil’ Peep, and Mac Miller for drug abuse.