Kendall Jenner Accepts Her White Privilege and Comes Forward as an Ally in Support of the Black Lives Matter Movement

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In recent news, the powerful family of the Jenners and the Kardashians took to a social media platform addressing the ongoing protests in America and are inspiring and encouraging people to make a difference against systemic oppression. Kendall Jenner became one of the latest celebrities to comment on the movement of Black Lives Matter that took a significant breakout following the unfortunate killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

KUWK: Kendall Jenner Acknowledges Her White Privilege And Promises To Be A Good Ally In ‘Black Lives Matter’ Statement in a post on social media. The post was a lengthy one that encourages the readers to continue educating themselves on how to become a better ally to this movement.

The post was also meant for Jenner to revise her own opinions and undertaking of matters on the same.

In the post, Kendall went on to share with her followers about the past few days that she spent thinking about the whole incident with a heavy heart. She is not just angry but also dismayed and heartbroken like everyone else. She said that she has never experienced the daily fear and pain that the black community has to live under but she did mention that nobody deserves to live a life where fear is a conspicuous ingredient of emotion.

Jenner did not shy away from acknowledging the privileges that she has received for being a white person in the country and she is doing her best to stand with them in this fight for basic human rights.

She said that she is continuously trying to educate herself regarding the various ways of being a good ally. She also said that expressing one’s opinions and anger on lengthy social media posts is not enough to bring about a change in the system and that it is time to take matters into hands. She urges everyone to compromise with themselves and stand unanimously for justice. In the light of the November elections, she said that voting should be taken seriously so that the deserving person is chosen for the office. She also highlighted the truth of the moment, ‘Black Lives Matter’. She concluded the post with her earnest regards for George Floyd and every other individual who had to sacrifice their lives because of this racial injustice.

Kendall Jenner actively took part in the #BlackOutTuesday campaign and posted a simple black square that read, ‘@blklivesmatter’.

Following her statement, other family members also came forward in support of this movement.

Three of her sisters, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Khloe Kardashian are also mothers to biracial children. All of them have shared their opinion on the unfortunate situation that has sadly crushed the country yet again.