Karol G Gets Slammed For Using Her Bulldog To Support The Black Lives Matter Movement

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Recently, Karol G, the Colombian fame came out apologizing to her fans. Karol G apologizes to the offended fans after she uses her bulldog to support the Black Lives Matter  movement.

According to the report of Page Six, the 29-year-old performing artists recently took to her Twitter account on the first day of June and posted a black and white picture of her French Bulldog. She put up a caption with the photograph in her native Spanish language that it was the just perfect example of black and white working in unison.

Despite her intentions being good, many of her fans weren’t pleased with the fact that she used her dog to support the Black Lives Matter movement. One of the Twitter users commented on her saying ‘tone-deaf’ and also urged to ‘educate her’.

Another follower of her went on to apologize on her behalf, coming out and saying that she used a picture of her dog to showcase the black community. On the other hand, some other people supported her and said that the message was pretty clear and it was cute.

The performing artist Karol G soon deleted her tweet after the fans came out expressing their anger. She realized her mistake and apologized for the way she chose for expressing her remorse by using the dog.

Karol G had also said on the movement that there is only one ‘race’ and she also mentioned that according to her racism is nothing but a ‘terrible’ thought. Karol G also expressed her support for the protests happening around the world at the moment.

All of this comes after the death of Geroge Floyd in Minneapolis last Monday, under the police custody, when a police officer knelt on his neck, restricting his breathing. The event took place not long after the United States began reopening states one-by-one depending on the severity of COVID-19 in the state and city.

These protests have also spread across the other members of the music community of the entire globe, including The Weeknd, who came out saying that he donating a half-million dollars to many pro-black organizations as well as to Black Lives Matter.

The Weeknd was joined by the likes of Blake Lively, Kehlani, Ryan Reynolds, and many more.