The Release Date For Almost Gone From Playdigious Has Been Announced For Consoles, PC And Mobile




The developer Happy Volcano and the publisher Playdigious has already announced the official date of release for the game The Almost Gone. It was in January that the developer for Happy Volcano planned for a release in the year 2020 but the exact date was not known by them. There is a chilling story in the diorama puzzle game that is going to make a debut on the Nintendo Switch, mobile, and PC.

The game, The Almost Gone is something more than a game of isometric puzzle. Different doramas are pieced together by players so that the missing memories are uncovered. Along the way, various clues are uncovered from apartments, deserted streets, and hospitals, homes, and more. With every completed diorama it takes players a single step closer to the understanding of what happened. In the game, there is a narrative experience that explores mental health, loss, and death. Playdigious’ The Almost Gone Release Date Announced For Mobile, PC, And Consoles.

According to the newly revealed trailer date that showcases some of the complex dioramas that are to be completed, some of the stories along with the release date of June. There happen to be five chapters that are to be completed with each having unique dioramas and various secrets are to be unfolded. The story for the game has been written by Joost Vande Casteele who is an award-winning author.

The story with the splendid narrative is going to be available in various and multiple languages at the launch that includes languages like Korean, Spanish, Chinese, Dutch, German, French, Japanese, and English. The various pre-order are now available on Steam, mobile, and Nintendo Switch. Those early birds that have already preregistered are going to receive a discount at the launch and that is going to last for one week. The title is going to available as one of the digital downloads.

For early pre-ordering, there are no additional bonuses. A notification will be received by players as the game becomes available on their chosen platform and that is going to happen very soon. None of the additional DLC’s is listed by the Steam Page, so the players get an opportunity to experience the entire game without making any kind of additional purchases.

The game’s mobile version is going to be a purchase on a single time basis as there will be no microtransactions and additional ads. Once it is bought by the players, the full experience can be enjoyed by them.

Happy Volcano Games happens to be a development studio that is award-winning and has won many accolades. They have previously released Lava Fever and it is included in it. There are other development teams that the developers have previously worked with to release games like Battery Battle, Epic Invasion, and Pixel Picasso.

The game Playdigious happens to be an indie game publisher who has helped in launching various games on platforms and mobiles. Their upcoming and recent releases include Pix the Cat, Dead Cells, and Dungeons of the Endless.

Players who want to have more information about the game and want to know more about the developers can join the official Discord server of the game The Almost Gone.

The game called The Almost Gone has been launched on the 7th of June this year for PC via App Store, Play Store, Nintendo Switch, and Steam.