Minecraft Earth Allows Players To Share Their Exclusive Builds With Each Other With Ease



Image Credits – The Guardian

Minecraft Earth has topped the popularity chart due to its excellent builds and the exciting explorable world. The title is centered around building fantastic structures, gathering resources, crafting, and exploring. During the pandemic, the makers of Minecraft Earth have decided to bring in an update that can ease the playing for the gamers stuck at home.

With the new update, sharing player’s Minecraft Earth builds is as easy as sharing a simple web link. Players can now share their build plates with other users with a quick click and let them enjoy their creations. The web-links can be shared among MC Earth users with great efficiency.

Minecraft Earth is available in Early Access and still in the process of fixing bugs and adding different features with regular updates. And Besides the latest update, the title has also presented the patch notes of the recent update.

These patch notes feature recent updates and the bug fixes that were already in the game. It also fixed fixing a content update bug on Android devices that forced too-frequent content updates. The update also fixed the player journal of the no-name mob that was the Desert Rabbit in reality to display the correct name.

The newly added features in the update allow the gamers to earn various rewards by collecting stickers and also provide them with a new outstanding adventure and a player journal. With the player journal, gamers will be able to keep track of their activities in the game and collect various items, new blocks, and mobs to complete their collection.

The new update makes changes in the mob variants by adding ten new mob variants such as for cows, chickens, sheep, rabbits, pigs, and many more. With the new vast collection, players can search for and explore newer things.

The feature includes some exciting challenges that come with every new season. Players also get daily challenges with signing in each day. They can also unlock new challenges through tappable or the ability to work towards the end of the season. Players can unlock the current Challenges Season 2 to access different items to customize their characters.

All these crucial updates will hopefully help Minecraft Earth overcome all the difficulties emerging as one of the best mobile games that players can access to communicate with each other.