President Donald Trump lashes out at Obama after he criticized his mishandling of the pandemic situation

Image Credits – The Indian Express

When the whole world is facing its worst nightmare, there is a real word ward going on between the two most powerful men, President Donald Trump, and his predecessor Barack Obama.

Back on Sunday Trump woke up to the news of Obama pointing the former’s incapability towards handling the pandemic situation. Rather than handling the corona virus situation the president however decided to take a dig on him.

President Donald Trump Takes Nasty Shot At Barack Obama Who Mentioned His Mishandling Of The Corona virus Pandemic. After the former reality TV star was criticized by Obama for mishandling the whole pandemic situation, he went on to say that Obama was a highly incompetent president during his time and the current authority has been holding lots of terrific meetings which has resulted in tremendous progress in several fronts, which includes coming out of a horrible plague situation that has beset their country. Trump further stressed on his words as he once again claimed Obama to be a grossly incompetent president.

Trump who is supposedly having a tough time with Obama since the birther movement was quite furious with him as over the weekend; the Democratic politician had taken a swipe at him while he was delivering a speech that was directed towards black colleges and universities.

As per reports, Obama had shared that this pandemic has finally uncovered all the ideas that many of the folks who are in charge had been unknown of as they did not know what exactly are they up to.

He continued by saying that the time people are living in is certainly not normal. And on top people are now being asked to find their own ways in a world which is in the middle of a devastating pandemic and a terrible recession period. The timing is nowhere around ideal. He further shed light on how the black communities for ages have always been sheltered under the prevailing inequalities and extra burden, and this situation of health crisis only spotlights their situation in the country.

The former president justified his statement as he went on to say that the disproportionate impact of Covid-19 on the communities is similar to what happens when a black man goes for a jog, gets stopped and questioned by some other people, and ends up getting shot if he refuses to submit to their questioning.

Further, the man went onto reveal that injustice at such level is not new but what is new is that so much of the current population has finally woken up to take a stand on the improper status quotient and feels that the situation needs to be fixed and that the old ways of doing things in a particular manner just won’t work anymore. He also added that the current generation has finally understood the fact that it doesn’t matter how much a particular person makes in his lifetime if everyone surrounding him is either starving or sick and that this society and its democracy only works if every person thinks about the other individual standing next to him and not just about themselves.

Obama continued his speech by saying that other than every other thing that the pandemic has shown the people, it has also torn back the curtain on the idea that so many of the folks who are in power know what exactly is going on around. He even said that there are a lot of people who are not even pretending to be in charge of the situation. He made himself clear by saying that the world is only going to get better in the coming days if the people out there take charge now.

He made a statement as he said that with everything so suddenly up for grab it is high time that the people just seize the initiative to make that change happen. There is nobody to tell them when the correct time, any more is. There is absolutely no one to tell the people that there is a certain format of how things have always been fixed, and more than anything else this is the generation’s final call to step up and shape the world in a proper way.

So far, more than thirty-six million Americans have lost their jobs, and there are nearly 1.5 million who have been infected with the deadly corona virus and more than eighty-nine thousand deaths in the United States currently.