Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner moved to her new mansion as they are in quarantine and still very much together

Image Credits – Celebrity Insider

An IG story has been shared by kylie Jenner as she took to social media to post the news that also featured baby daddy and her ex, Travis Scott. There have been rumors that the duo is very much back together as the rapper and the makeup mogul who is a billionaire are very much together during the quarantine period with Stormi, who is their baby girl and is only 2 years old.

Moreover, it very much looks like that it has been decided by the trio to self-isolate them in the brand new mansion that Jenner has got. KUWK: Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Still In Quarantine Together After Moving Into Her New Mansion.

It may rightly seem that they are not back together as far as popular beliefs of romance are concerned, Travis and Kylie are very much together considering every other aspect regarding romance as they are living together amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Of course, these are happening for the sake of Stormi as both of them can go any length to support their daughter and bestow their affection on her so that she can have best of both the worlds and get the love of both the parents that will shower on her life even during the period of the stringent self-isolation orders.

In the video clip that can be checked out below, the star from KUWK has posted as she confirmed the fact that Travis is to be sure still in quarantine with her and their daughter Stormi after they moved to Holmby Hills in the new mansion of Jenner.

It has been a boomerang of sorts as both the co-parents are were very much up to have some fun as some of the brand new filters of Colored Eyes are tried by them as Kylie was busy focusing her phone camera on her ex-boyfriend Travis.

As everybody is very much aware of the fact that the filter is used so that all the eyes are turned towards the exquisite blue shade and it has been proved by the rapper that he can very easily rock it.

In the video clip, Travis looked very content and chilled out as he was sporting graphic t-shirt in green color.

Moreover, his accessories included a baseball cap and a chain necklace of the diamond.

As far as Kylie is concerned, she was having great fun with her filter, as well as using it to good effect when she was taking the picture in which she looked sultry.

The star from The Keeping Up with the Kardashians looked stunning in the crystal blue eyes and she was also showing off her highlights in honey that have given the star’s natural and dark hair more warmth and shine.

The locks of the KUWK star looked ever so great and it was appearing that it was not at all intentional; nevertheless, it has got a touch lighter because of all the kinds of stuff like sunbathing. Add to that, she was not able to go to the hairdressers in these trying times.

It became quite apparent when she penned down that a major toning situation is required by her for her at this time. This is the need of the hour for the KUWK star, Kylie Jenner.