CNN Journalist Don Lemon slams Donald Trump and compares him to Barack Obama

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Image Credits – News Break

Slamming the current president and even comparing him with Barrack Obama, the CNN journalist, Don Lemon expressed all his anger. But, there were certainly some reasons.

This all happened as Donald had tweeted a conspiracy theory about the previous president.

As a result, Donald Trump gets dragged by CNN journalist Don Lemon – he lists all the ways in which Barack Obama is better than the current president

The journalist went to say that Obama is even smarter than Donald Trump.

Lemon was stated that the conspiracy theory set up by Trump was nothing but ‘a new low from a president who goes low all the time.’ Yikes!

There were some moments, when Don looked straight at the camera and addressed Trump directly, before comparing him to Obama, listing all the ways in which Obama is better than him.

He stated, ‘What is it about President Obama that really gets under your skin? Is it because he is smarter than you? Better educated? Made it all on his own, did not need daddy’s help? [His] Life is more accomplished? Better looking? What is it about him? That he is a black man who’s accomplished and became president? That he punked you with the whole birth certificate thing? What is it about him? Just wondering!’

Well, this isn’t all; the CNN journalist also accused Trump of stirring up the controversy with his tweets, in order to distract the country from the current situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

He also questioned Trump, ‘In a time when we need leadership, when we need compassion, this is the cr*p that you’re peddling? Conspiracy theories?’

It is pretty sure that the non-followers of Trump loved the rant of Don Lemon, calling out the inabilities of the president in controlling the current situation of America. Now, it is up to the citizens of the country.