A story of revenge: Miden Tower steps into PC, Xbox One, and Android Devices

Image Credits- Happy Gamer

KEMCO emerges with yet another adventure for all its PC, Xbox One, and Android device users. Miden Tower which is an RPG focused on a revenge mission to rid the tower of the evil Alroval Empire. Gamers can now enjoy a turn-based strategy game that uses 3*3 grids to present their unique battlefield.

Miden Tower is a game that portrays a bright and interesting world fully ready to get explored. It includes tons of items, skills, quests, and much more for RPG fans to discover during the process. There will be several other DLC d dons along with the release that will further strengthen the player’s adventure and make the game easier for them to progress through.

Players can now play Miden Tower the way they want to, with or without DLC, and head out on yet another epic quest.

The game shows that, after Miden Tower was invaded by the Alroval Empire, the mages that stay there concerned themselves at the top of the tower. And, after several tragic and unfortunate events, the player gets to return and mount an assault with the hope of taking back the tower and saving the world thereafter.

To make the game a bit more interesting, the hero of this story is a literal wall. It is this particular wall that acts as the main support for all the main characters involved in both a literal way by blocking damages and an emotional anchor. This wall seems to be one of the most unique RPG characters that have ever appeared in modern games.

Added to this, there are numerous standard RPG mechanics built into this game. The players get to combine items in an alchemy based crafting system. Their skills help to define the characters, and by combining different active and passive skills, the players can craft their style of combat for each of the main characters.

Further, there are tons of quests and a wealth of lore ready to be explored within this deceptively simple yet interesting game. Miden Tower has significantly borrowed from the great RPG giants to create a unique and stylish pixel adventure for its fans.

So far, KEMCO has been creating and launching tins of new titles to give players a ton of different worlds to explore. As they continue to come up with games for the creative developers, their fans are eagerly waiting and watching attentively to see what is next around the corner.

Experience Revenge In Miden Tower, Now Availiable For PC, Xbox One, and Android Devices. The game is currently being sold for $14.99. Each DLC pack can now be our chased separately for either $4.99 or $2.99, which depends on the DLC.