Kaia Gerber’s outfit makes her look like an elusive mermaid in the swimming pool

Image Credits – Up News Info

Kaia Gerber has not lost her sunshine during the uncongenial period of quarantine. She is making most of it without much cribbing about the monotonous lifestyle due to the sudden lock-down state to get over the unpleasant situation. Nothing has changed for the 18 year old model who lives in a big mansion with a classy pool to dive into before boredom kills her. Kaia Gerber Looks Like A Mermaid when she goes for a dip and swims on the surface of the pool, enjoying her time in the water without going out for a pool party. She is supposed to be enjoying her home-isolation period by soaking herself in the sun and having beautiful tans on her seemly body by the poolside.

It has been a while since she has been put into the quarantine phase where she is advised to keep herself out from social gathering and preferably stay at home like anyone else at present. She decides to give a sneak peek of her big mansion at Malibu life for the fans to get mad for.

She shares some swanky pictures in her swimming attire with all wet look that are hot enough to burn your heart. Her stunning swimming pictures were accompanied by a simple waving emoji.

There are four sultry pictures of her wearing a black bikini in the pool and at no moment her Instagram account was flooded with compliments.

This is the best time in California to dip into the deep blue sea under the nurturing sun and the pandemic may have brought changes in the plan but not in the perfect California weather.

She cannot miss this opportunity to connect with her inner self and find a balanced lifestyle to sustain the blessing of this period. She is having a good time by herself at home.

Apart from gliding in to pool and enjoying the time alone due to the self-isolation, she has been adopting puppies to make sure the good vibes keep coming in her life.

She has been known for her compassion for the animals apart from her successful career in modeling. One picture of her playing with some cute pups and dogs went viral earlier this month when she was out with his father. Even then she did not fail to show off her stunning abs in the picture with a cool grey crop top and simple jeans.

The dog in that picture was adopted from the Labelle Foundation in Los Angele and since then she has been fostering it at her house. Now she cannot stop posting pictures and cute videos of her new companion on social media. She recently shared another snap of the little furball while petting it.