BioWare is rumored to be working on the development of a fifth Mass Effect game

Image Credits – HappyGamer

BioWare is again the talk of the town with numerous rumors flying by. There has been some talk here and there about an upcoming fifth installment of the EA-owned famous series Mass Effect.

The news of this upcoming project might be at the early stages of development has created a great buzz among the enthusiasts. So the question in everyone’s mind right now is that is BioWare working on a fifth Mass Effect game? When will it be released?

According to some reliable sources, though BioWare’s main focus right now is the launch of Dragon Age 4, the Mass Effect title is currently being developed under the direction of Mike Gable. Giving hope to the fans, the game has picked up a teaser trailer that explores its main focus on the Elven Dread Wolf. Though we are not sure about the particular launching date or if it’s a part of the Mass Effect Andromeda series or something else, do not lose faith as the developers are putting their hard work into making it a masterpiece in the BioWare Edmonton studio.

As BioWare has postponed their planned sequels and DLC of the Andromeda due to the major failure of the said title, they might put all their focus on the new installment of the Mass Effect series.

Despite the wondrous storyline and the astonishing mechanics, the Andromeda project had gone horribly wrong for BioWare. The fans accused the game of being rushed with unfinished animation and frustrating glitches that made it impossible to have a smooth gameplay.

Though they have put their best effort to fix the bugs and other issues time after time, the current patch of the Mass Effect Andromeda still projects a messy gaming experience.

The newest Mass Effect could solve all the plot holes and bring back the adored characters of Andromeda redeeming the previous title. But the possibilities of new characters coming into play are far more likely than the original Mass Effect Trilogy characters making a comeback in the game.

The ending of Mass Effect 3 gained a lot of criticism with its three different choices. As all the endings had different effects on the galaxy with no canon option, the prolongation of the series in the Milky Way galaxy would include the Control, Destroy, and the ending options of Mass Effect 3.

The developer could widen their horizon by making the new installment a prequel of the previous title venturing into the historical events like the rise of humanity in the galaxy and the First Contact War. But as the galaxy already had an existing status, exploring through this period can’t have the desired effect.