Rockstar, the developer of GTA 6 is modifying their development strategy to avoid crunch

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Grand Theft Auto is now in its 7th year and still, it is Rockstar Games’ one of the finest open sandboxes, which is well-supported by the staggering sales figure/. Even in 2020, the sales have been huge, both in-store and digitally. The title has all the things that a fan desires to have in an open sandbox adventure game, ranging from a bevy of vehicles to drive to numerous customizations for your character.

Despite the huge popularity of the game, GTA fans have been longing for its sequel. The fans did get to see a couple of teasers here and there. One of the most significant facts was Rockstar Games changing its official logo. The new logo was red, white, and blue color hidden messages which have made the GTA community pretty eager about the upcoming news.

Few rumors have also added fuel to this fire. Recently, it was heard that Rockstar is planning to adjust the development strategy with GTA 6 as to avoid the crunchThis news came from the gaming site, Kotaku. It should be noted that it’s early and a potential sequel is probably still a couple of years off.

Thus, the fans of GTA have to wait a long time and until then enjoy the awesome GTA 5. That’s not all as Kotaku has also cracked the code of the development process of the next installment of the GTA franchise. They are reporting that when GTA 6 does release, it will be a moderately sized game.

After two or three months of the launch, the developers will provide gamers with more content to play with. The point here is to help Rockstar with the crunch. It’s a hot-button issue in gaming, even still today. The developers have been working under strict deadlines, set by publishers who want to earn maximum out of their investment as quickly as possible.

This certainly means for a more conservative schedule for the developers of GTA 6 but it would be good for the developers. No developer should have to spend hours of overtime putting the finishing touches on a game against their will. There are always people who want to do that, but the option of a more conservative schedule should be good for one and all.

As far as the backdrop of the next sequel is concerned, it is reported to feature Rio de Janeiro. And, if these reports are true, then GTA 6 already has a lot going for it. The city is full of life and culture, which will give the developers so many stories and gameplay options. The fans can only hope to get some details from the developers sooner rather than later.