Resident Evil Fans Have Come Out Pleading To Stop Capcom from Remaking Resident Evil 4

Image Credits – HappyGamer

There is one fragment of the gaming industry that the fans love very much and that is remakes. In most of the cases, these remakes turn out to be fantastic recreation of old gems and bring them back to prominence through modern technology, which provides an enchanting experience to the gamers and also expose a whole new generation to a new title. However, on some occasions, these remakes fail in capitalizing on the fan base of a gaming title and turn out to be very poor in the presentation.

Fortunately, for the fans, Capcom has stuck to the former category. Their remake of Resident Evil 2 has won over the house due to the utmost focus put into the creation and production.

Well, the jury is still out for Resident Evil 3, which hasn’t seen the daylight yet. It is scheduled to come out shortly, and the fans can hope to experience something amazing and fascinating once again – assuming that the creators have put in the same amount of dedication and focus into its creation as they had done for the remake of Resident Evil 2.

But just because they are doing remakes, doesn’t mean they have to do it with everything. Resident Evil fans are begging Capcom not to remake Resident Evil 4ahead of its launch.

There are a lot of reasons for this. One such reason is that the fourth installment of the franchise isn’t that old and the time hasn’t really been cruel to it. Many fans still consider Resident Evil 4 as a great entry point to the entire franchise and the mechanics of the game is still fantastic and amazing.

Another argument suggests that since the title isn’t that old, remaking it now would highlight the flaws. Now-archaic mechanics like quick-time events and the “tank control” movement that the title holds could be brought to a much uglier light if everything else about the game is fantastically made.

Many fans have used their Twitter handles to support an article, which is written by Wes Fenlon of PC gamer, who brought it to the limelight, that Capcom might be making a Resident Evil 4 remake and also made it pretty clear that they should not do it. Due to fuel on fire provided by the fans, many fans are begging Capcom to stop remaking Resident Evil 4 and try one of the spin-offs, just like Code Veronica.

However, this isn’t an opinion that is supported by one and all. Many fans have disagreed with the plea. They have come out saying that they have dedicatedly following the title for so many years and 15 years is certainly more than old enough to bring the game back through innovation and technology. Some fans feel that updating the graphics of the title and also some of the more archaic mechanics can make the title more amazing and give it the true legendary status, which the game certainly deserves.