Larry David posts a funny Video PSA to spread awareness about the COVID-19 Quarantine and insist to stay home in an unexpected way

Image Credits – Times Of India

When everyone is trying their best to aware the citizens about the spread of Coronavirus, the Curb Your Enthusiasm superstar, Larry David Shares Super Funny Video PSA On The COVID-19 Quarantine – Tells ‘Idiots’ To Stay At Home And Watch TV! This video is not only informative but also hilarious in many ways. He did not hesitate to address the bunch of strollers as ‘idiots’ and advised them to stay indoors. They can watch interesting TV shows for instance, before their eye-balls drop on the floor but should avoid running and bumping into strangers uselessly and fall right into the spreading chain. He suggested in his video that those ‘idiots’ should keep them locked at home to stop spreading COVID-19 by putting other people at risk.

The video is posted on California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s @CAgovernor account. Larry David starts with a courteous greeting to everyone and then he cuts the bull by saying this video was meant for those idiots who are still going out. He hilariously goes on saying that they are confusing others and did not know why they were doing it in the first place by risking the lives of elderlies. They have not stopped socializing, god forbid, they are hurting old people like the comedian.

Then he says that he is happy that he will never see these people as he has nothing to do with them. But there are other elderly people who may be acquainted with the celebrity comedian and that’s how the vicious cycle works.

He did not only talk about what should be the immediate action but also how people can still enjoy every minute in the safest four walls called home. He reminds the people of every age group to enjoy the great shows on television.

He has used this chance to tell people that they are missing out so much fun, a once in a lifetime thing, to stay at home and be safe; getting entertained at the same time by just turning on the TV! Lay on your couch all day and you are not bashed for being a couch potato. He adds his humor saying those who are overlooking this fascinating moment at home are not that bright.

He shares his little jokes on those people who do not understand that they are not doing any good by going outside for no reason. He again emphasized to stay inside to help themselves and others to fight the pandemic by maintaining social distancing. He also mentions that if they don’t understand the severity then those idiots should practice social distancing by watching TV.