Upcoming title Bounty Brawler for the indie titles includes tons of heroes fighting their way out

Image Credits – HappyGamer

Merge Games with Dark Screen Games have come forward collectively to put all the heroes under one thrilling brawler which gives enough reasons to the fans to call Bounty Battle a Super Smash Brothers fro indie titles.

Bounty Battle Is A Fighting Game For Indie Games, See Your Favorite Indie Heroes Battle It Out In This New Multiple Brawler. This includes numerous crossover fighters from over 20 titles some of which are quite well known whereas few others are brand new to the indie world.

The final list of which was revealed today at Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase. The news revealed that not only will the game be making its appearance on the Nintendo Switch but some of the Nintendo Switch titles will also be emerging.

Although no fixed date has been scheduled as of now, the list of all the competing heroes has already built up excitement.

This is what seems to be the ultimate in the indie fighting scene as it includes a multiplayer mode for its 2D brawler. The player finds the indie favorites from games like iGuacamelee! And Darkest Dungeon going head to head against Dead Cells, Owlboy, and much more.

The game is supposedly going to include a lot of game modes which include a story mode, couch multiplayer, practice, and also tutorial modes, which have all been designed to help the players define and refine their fighting style.

Every indie character in the game comes with their own specialized move set and also special attacks which makes it certain that a player gets to practice as a hero before even entering the arena.

Moreover, each of the heroes comers along with a minion from their title that will further come forward and aid in the fight. With the presence of over ten arenas to compete against one where some designs are based on the worlds of the fighters, the players participating bare sure to find loads of variation during many fights.

Additionally, if the player looks out for some kind of personalization, then the multiple color pallets allow the players to fight in style.

This isn’t the end and there are more stories to this chaos. Due to some supernatural events of unknown origin a whirlwind generates across the universe. This incident results in the greatest heroes from each of the worlds to come out from different dimensions and then they get blessed with certain magical powers. This gives a chance to each world to win the ultimate control of the multiverse and it all up to their champion to achieve it.

Loads and tons of heroes are being added to the game and more of them are on the process of getting added. This title is ripe for DLC and comes with loads of potential for persisting through the future of the internet.

Bounty Brawler is all set to be available on Steam and the Nintendo Switch and more platforms shall be included soon. Although there is no release date confirmed there is a particular very detailed website that gives more information about this upcoming title.