The Title Dungeons Franchise Is At The Top Of Its Game With Unique Storyline Amid Global Crisis

Image Credits – Business Standard

For avid gamers video games can sometimes get dull and monotonous with the same old’ storyline of serving as the hero and saving the princess or the people of the kingdom bringing hope and prosperity to the land. With repetitive NPCs giving you bland tasks and dreary quest of fighting and vanquishing the villain, the games can become lifeless after some time.

It is rare for a game to have a plot where you can play the bad guy wreaking havoc into the world. This is where Evil Genius stands out from the crowd with a unique plot where you can unleash your inner demons allowing you to murder and loot all you want at your very own dungeon. This is exactly what the Dungeons franchise offers to the players. The Dungeons Franchise is getting the steam spotlight this week as we all hide indoors amid the pandemic.

The cult classic development Dungeon Keeper series from the late 90s by famous Maxis (Before Electronic Arts) which offered the players to be portrayed as Absolute Evil raking the foolish mortals in their caverns and labyrinthian crypts, serves as the inspiration for the title.

The same theory has been used in Dungeons with a modern-day touch. And with the situation with Coronavirus, as everyone is stuck at their homes the game has been gaining a lot of recognition and popularity among gamers.

As the Absolute Evil sends his minions to do his work into the overworld, the robust real-time strategy helps with bringing base-buildings into the battle effortlessly. The players will be tasked with building rooms that would act as the breeding ground for unimaginable hellish creatures. With a strong military consisted of seductive succubi and bloodthirsty orcs you can inflict unfathomable catastrophe to the pleasant lands.

The players have the luxury to chose from the various options like Dungeons, Dungeons 2, and Dungeons 3 whichever suits their fancy with a huge discount provided by the company at this time of crisis. All of the DLCs are too, offering a great discount of60% to 80% to the fans.

Run your imagination wild while trapped at home with the never before seen game-play Dungeons serious and set free your true potential.