The Survival horror game GTFO bounces back with even more difficult maps, missions, and enemies

Image Credits – PCWorld

The Left 4 Dead series had earned massive popularity amongst all co-op fans as it allowed the players to team up with their friends and fight against the zombie hazards altogether. But with no new episode available on the horizon, then fans of the series are now drifting towards GTFO.

This game is also known to give the players a first-person shooter co-op experience that many fans think has been inspired by Left 4 Dead. And, surprisingly in many ways, it is. The 10 Chambers Collective has performed an outstanding job at capturing the tense moments and also the high-intensity combats. The game encloses some terrifying creatures and the player gets forced to explore the creepy undergrounds along with other prisoners in search of resources.

This particular concept has alone contributed to the success of this game out of the blues. The GTFO takes pride in itself for the atmosphere, where anything could loiter in the dark. The player just has to pile up the courage to tackle the creepy elements along with their friends and hope to find out the tools and other resources that would help them to survive along the way.

The Survival-Horror FPS GTFO Is Getting All-New Maps, Missions, And Enemies. With the GTFO being released for a couple of months now, it is now the right time to get the game a bit of a facelift. As per the news of 31st March, the maps which were being used by the players are now getting swapped out for new ones. Additionally, new enemies are getting added to the mix.

This is quite exciting news for the players who have been looking for something different and challenging as this new content is certainly quite interesting and thrilling. Moreover, a playthrough is also available that allows the gamers to take a look at the new content firsthand. As per the views, the new areas being shown are all sorts of dark and creepy which is a theme that can allow you to tell that the developer wants to keep moving forward. Everything makes sense too. The player who gets to behave as a prisoner can simply feel the tension around by walking around every corner.

The GTFO is also receiving new missions named Rundowns which seems perfect if the gamer is looking forward to something more challenging to complete along with their squad. Apart from all the excitement, the best news is that the new content is available for free. The player just has to load the update by the time it goes live in several weeks.

It’s a big shout out to all those players who still haven’t got the opportunity to get their hands on GTFO which is sure to give them an incredible gaming experience when played with a group of friends. The game allows the players to play as a collective and come in touch with some really difficult creatures that will further examine their strengths.

Such a survival FPS hasn’t been out for a very long time but it is already showing quite a lot of promise and also seems to be doing right with the Left 4 Dead fans.