An intruder has been caught while entering the home of Cooke Maroney and Jennifer Lawrence

Image Credits – Celebrity Insider

Burglars often target entertainers and celebrities and it is not a new thing that no-gooders take advantage of them. According to Page Six as they picked up recently on a podcast where it was revealed by Jennifer Lawrence that she along with Cooke Maroney who is her man has been the victim of a person who invaded their home. Intruder Caught In Jennifer Lawrence And Cooke Maroney’s Home.

During the podcast called The House Party, it has been claimed by Jennifer that Cooke and she had prevented a woman as she broke into their house on Sunday night till the time the cops came in. According to an inside source who had a word with Page Six claimed that the woman was held by both the parties until the time police came in and intervened. The story was first discovered by TMZ.

After she was apprehended by the authorities, the accused has been charged with minor wrongdoing for trespassing. It is known to most of the fans that 34-year-old Cooke got married to the 29-year-old Lawrence got hitched in last year, October. It has been claimed by the outlet that the alum from Hunger Games, Lawrence and Cooke started dating for the first time back in the year 2018.

The J-Law fans are well aware of the fact that Cooke and her relationship has been subject to speculations in the media since then and made a lot of headlines. At the start of the year, a story has been reported by Charisse Van Horn where their married life was displayed as claims were made by the sources that the actress was pretty much bored with the lifestyle of a wife staying at home.

The actress’s life was reported for the first time by Star Magazine which claims that she has once been one of the biggest stars in Hollywood and was having a lot of fun while going out and loved every bit of that.

But since then that has changed. According to the source who had a word with Star Magazine came up with the explanation that Jennifer happens to be one of Hollywood’s biggest partiers before she tied the knot with hubby Cooke but as of now she is very much a married woman and has been staying at home a lot more than in the past.

Matters went even worse, as there are a few fundamental differences in the types of personality they have. Because Cooke has got more artistic inclinations and an intellectual and as per reports there was a lot of pressure on J-Law living up to the standards of Cooke.

To put it differently, it has been allegedly felt by Jennifer that she has been judged a lot now whenever she hangs around with Cooke. The source even continued by saying that Jennifer enjoys it when he is not around and this is the time when it is a lot of fun for her.