Discriminating Against Asians Is Wrong, Karrueche Pleads To The World

Image Credits – The Blast

Asians all over the world are being bashed and bullied for the recent outbreak of Coronavirus as it was seemingly originated from China. Karrueche Tan has come forth to talk about this shameful situation of xenophobia in her latest post on her social media.

Blaming the Chinese for the pandemic crisis, people are now harassing and sometimes even getting physical with the Asian community which prompted Karrueche to addresses xenophobia: to target and discriminate Asians is wrong.

She also clarified that what the US President Donald Trump said about it is also wrong which is calling it the ‘Chinese Virus’. She requests the people to stop the prejudice against the Asian community amid this global crisis.

Her post has garnered quite a lot of attention from her fans as a follower wrote, ‘It’s really something wrong with y’all. I just saw a photo of a kid with their face sliced open and y’all talking about it happen every day to your people. We expect people to care or be empathetic and all y’all doing is shrugging y’all shoulders.’

A lot of people are condemning the incidents of shading of the Asians saying it is the time to stay united and not get brainwashed and manipulated by a certain ‘orange guy’ as all the minority communities in America share the same struggles dealing with racism.

Another commenter wrote, ‘Where was this when xenophobia was in full effect in South Africa against Nigerians?? Or how about here in America against blacks for generations? How about the Asian lady that killed the black girl over orange juice? Is that not a form of hatred? Sorry, not sorry. Fight for everyone or don’t care at all.’