Cynthia Bailey shares the pandemic situation with her fans while taking walk with Mike Hill

Image Credits – World Front News

Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill are together and they have been jogging around to keep themselves fit. According to her, this is nothing but a power walk during the beautiful weather of the country.

She also mentioned about the entire pandemic situation getting over and also quoted Mike saying that there was nothing one could do since it was God’s will.

Cynthia Bailey takes a walk with Mike Hill and addresses fans during this stressful crisis with a video on her social media account, along with the caption: ‘STAY CONNECTED, ACTIVE & SAFE Mike & I always try to do date night at least once a week & due to the #coronavirus pandemic and social distancing our new date night looks like this!!! Can’t remember the last time we took a walk together. Wait! I don’t think we have ever taken a walk together. Mike & I went for a walk in the neighborhood this morning to get out of the house & exercise our bodies and mind. Felt good to just talk, hold hands & get some fresh air. Highly recommend❤️#coronavirus #coronacation #CHill,’

To this video, a fan commented, ‘It is airborne, where are your masks?’ and another follower said, ‘airborne meaning if you’re in close proximity to people who are positive and sneezing and coughing, transmitting it into the air.’

Some other person remarked, no dear that’s droplet six feet apart airborne stays for hours long after the infected person is gone.’

Another fan said, ‘I honestly think they are not sure or they are not telling us due to lack of resources. I am also a Registered Nurse. I work for the Department of Health and Environmental Control and a local nursing home. I saw the clip from Red Table talk. Truth be truth there isn’t enough negative pressure room. I wonder if the building just built in China is completely negative pressure!! ‘

Another person commented, ‘girl idk I’m pissed and I don’t know how to feel about this I have so many mixed feelings I just want everyone to be safe. I would hate to give this to someone immunocompromised or an elderly person. Listening to stories in Italy has me like ugh.’