More Updates Being Brought Into Age Of Empires II: Definitive Edition

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The updates that have been brought into the Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition servers that focus more on the new auto scouting features, which is added to help the beginners in learning the game. However, there is more into this, as diving deeper into stability, gameplay improvements in the latest Age Of Empires II: Definitive Edition update

This is something massive and users should go through the entire patch before starting the game.

The stability fixes are pretty normal, with many fixes brought into the game that caused crashing and shuttering, with as many as eight fixes. The developers of the game also applied fixes to address the disconnect in multiplayer, improve the RAM allocation, and also improve the performance of the graphics.

There are a total of fifteen changes under gameplay. Mangonels will no longer be sliding in combat, which caused the misfires in other than the actual direction. Defensive structures prioritize enemy units over buildings now unless specifically told not to. Villagers will also no longer drop resources once assigned to a new resource, maintaining them until they begin the new task. The functionality of Gate rotation has also been altered. Some minor changes have been brought in as well, such as boar pathing and waypoint adjustments.

The civilization changes that have been brought in are:



  • Genitour: will now receive 1 more armor



  • Infantry will now be available at a 35% cheaper price. This was first applied following the Feudal Age.




  • The unique farming bonus of Khmer has now been disabled in the full tech tree games.




  • Hunters: Work speed has been reduced by 10%
  • Will gain access to Elite Steppe Lancer and Steppe Lancer units.
  • The Steppe Lancers also get benefitted due to 30% more HP bonus of Mongol horsemen.



  • The research cost of Kamandaran technology has been increased from 200 foods, 200 gold to 400 foods, 300 gold.




  • Feitoria: The total resources generated has been increased from 0.8 food, 0.8 wood, 0.45 gold, 0.25 stone to 1.6 food, 1.0 wood, 0.7 gold, 0.3 stone.




  • Will now be having access to the Halberdier unit.




  • As a civilization bonus, Farms will now be available at 40% cheaper rates (was 33%).
  • Starting in the Castle Age, the Barracks units will gain +1 armor.




  • Economic upgrades will no longer need wood costs.


It is pretty good that finally, Vietnamese civilization is getting the deserved buzz, as sometimes they are bit neglected. The addition of Halberdier to the Tatars will help them in veering away from cavalry builds. As of now, it seems like buff, with rumors of the Persian changing the cost of Kamandaran. With all of these buffs, it would be pretty interesting to see the gameplay and which civilization will rise to fame.